What’s new and improved in Clio

Learn how the new and enhanced features in Clio will help you serve your clients better and keep your firm running smoothly in a rapidly-changing environment.

Product Enhancements

New Product Features in Clio

Make it easy to pay—and get paid—with the all new Clio Payments

Designed by Clio’s own legal technology experts, Clio Manage’s new online payments platform makes it easy for your clients to pay online using a credit card, debit card, or eCheck—without the need for a third-party payment processor.

Payments are automatically deposited directly into your trust or operating accounting and tracked in real-time so you and your integrated accounting platform are always up-to-date.

Make it easy and manageable for clients by offering flexible payment plans and by securely storing their payment details for faster recurring payments, in compliance with PCI standards.

  • Document Management Clio Drive

    Manage your client and matter documents right from your desktop with Clio Drive

    Access, edit, and collaborate on files from the familiarity of your desktop. Clio Drive syncs your documents between a virtual drive on your desktop and Clio Manage, making it easier to find and work with your files while keeping everything and everyone in sync.

    Clio Drive is available for both Windows and Mac.

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  • Text Notifications
    Text Notifications

    Confirm meetings with text notifications

    Use text notifications and reminders to avoid the costly no-shows and unnecessary administrative overhead that comes with organizing client meetings. Clients can confirm if they plan to attend a meeting so you aren’t left guessing, and automated text reminders save you from having to call or email.

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  • Streamline communication with our secure client portal: Clio for Clients

    Make it easy for your clients to communicate and share information with you no matter where they are. With Clio for Clients, your clients can securely receive updates, share documents, and access their case information from their desktop or mobile phone. The best part? Everything is automatically stored to the appropriate matter in Clio Manage for you.

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  • Lawyaw Five New States

    Announcing court forms for five additional states

    We’ve added automated court forms for five additional states to Lawyaw, which include New York, Florida, Texas, Illinois, and Georgia, on top of the existing court forms for U.S. Immigration (USCIS) and California. Plus, Lawyaw’s new unified and easy-to-use interface simplifies how court forms and document automation are handled.

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Popular product enhancements

Clio Scheduler: Advanced booking settings


New Clio Scheduler advanced booking settings–including minimum advanced booking notice and buffer time between meetings–gives you more control over your calendar. Forget last minute surprises, so you can show up prepared to every consultation, and find the right balance in your daily schedule.

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Latest Billing Enhancements

Latest Billing Enhancements

A number of new billing features have been added to Clio including Automated Billing Reminders, which automatically send outstanding balance reminders to your clients based on a customized cadence that you set. Bill Message Templates, which allow you to create, save, and pre-populate customized bill messages to be shared with your clients, and Bill Timeline, on which you can reference all of the activity and communications on a bill for more visibility.

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Redesigned Tasks Experience

Latest Billing Enhancements

There’s a lot to love about the most recent refresh to Clio Tasks. This release aligns the look of task lists page with the rest of Clio Manage and introduces new functionality. Easily assign task lists right inside of a matter, duplicate task lists in seconds and much more.

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Trust Check Printing


Enter trust records in Clio Manage and automatically sync them over to Quickbooks Online. Clio’s integration with Quickbooks Online is enhanced to now print secure professionals checks quickly.

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Updates + Enhancements to Account Security

Enhancements to Account Security

Our new single sign-on functionality (SSO) lets you securely access Clio Manage, Clio Grow, and a subset of third party applications with a single username and password. Now you’ll no longer need to remember separate email addresses and passwords to access your Clio account. 

For an added layer of security, Manage administrators can now also invite firm members to use two-factor authentication (2FA) and track who has it enabled from the new 2FA dashboard

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Zoom Integration

Zoom Integration

Improve client satisfaction by staying connected with clients safely and efficiently through Zoom. Make any meeting a Zoom meeting with one click and launch Zoom meetings from your web or mobile calendar apps.

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Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams Integration
Clio for Microsoft Teams: Matter Dashboard in Teams

Collaborate with firm members by syncing your Clio Manage matters into Microsoft Teams. When discussing ongoing work or planning for events, key details of the matter are on hand and easily accessible–without needing to leave Teams.

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Clio for Microsoft Teams: Team Creator

Create and access Teams from Clio Manage where you can collaborate effectively in a distributed team—by discussing updates, action items, questions, or blockers efficiently and securely.

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Google My Business

Google My Business

Stand out on Google with a free Business Profile, and engage with clients where they’re already searching for firms like yours–on Google Search and Maps–directly from Clio.

With a quick setup built directly in Clio Manage, you can create your Google Business Profile and connect with clients for free. Plus, clients can book appointments right from your profile in Google via Clio Scheduler. When you make it easy to do business with you—your law firm grows.

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Scheduler + Payments

Scheduler + Payments

By making it easy and flexible for clients to schedule paid consultations with you online, you can reduce client intake costs and no shows (while attracting more business with ease).

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Save time by preparing, sending, and electronically signing documents directly from Clio Manage. Reviewed and signed documents are saved automatically in Clio.

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Public Intake Forms

Simplify your intake process, save more time, and deliver an exceptional client experience with Clio Grow’s public online intake forms. Now, you can quickly capture Contact and Matter information at the first point of contact, from all prospects via your website.

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Clio announcements

  • Clio Product Labs

    Guide Clio’s future enhancements by joining Clio Product Labs

    You’re invited to join Product Labs, a dedicated forum hosted in The Law Community to foster dialogue between you—our Clio customers—and the Clio Product Team. This is your chance to:

    • Share your feedback directly with us
    • Take part in guided user research
    • Help shape future Clio enhancements
  • 2021 LTR

    Know what’s driving success with the 2021 Legal Trends Report

    Since the spring of 2020, COVID-19 has sparked radical changes in our personal and professional lives. But the question  on everyone’s mind is, what’s next? In this year’s report, we explore:

    • What technologies drive revenue
    • New client expectations for working remotely
    • How law firms are investing in their future success
  • Announcements Payments Webinar

    In this webinar: Discover how firms are getting paid faster

    Did you know that firms who allow clients to pay online collect between 5% and 16% more revenue a month? In this webinar, learn how to simplify and automate your collection process with Clio Manage’s complete billing and payments suite.

    • Discover your clients’ preferred way to pay
    • Improve cashflow by collecting more of your outstanding balances
    • Accept payments in compliance with IOLTA trust accounting rules
  • Automate document workflows with Lawyaw

    Put time back in your day with Lawyaw’s easy-to-use document automation and court forms solution. Turn legal documents into reusable templates and automatically populate them with client and matter information directly from Clio. Plus, easily send, track, and receive client documents requiring e-signature.

  • The CalendarRules logo with a plus sign followed by the Clio logo on a blue background. Below reads the text, "CalendarRules joins Clio!"

    Stay on top of court deadlines with CalendarRules

    Make staying on top of critical deadlines stress-free. Automatically populate your calendar with key dates from a wider set of rules for over 1,000 U.S. courts and jurisdictions using Clio Manage’s Court Rules feature. Clio’s recent acquisition of CalendarRules means continued court rules innovation in the future.