Mid-size and large firms

Technology to make everyone's job easier

If your law firm has over 20 employees, your workflows are likely complex. Clio helps you centralize information and simplify key processes for all of your staff.

Legal management software that works for every member of your firm

  • Partners

  • Associates

  • Paralegals

  • IT Managers

  • Admin Staff

  • Accountants

Move your firm to the cloud—and never look back

Clio, the world’s No. 1 legal practice management software, enables larger firms like yours to streamline operations, improve efficiency and profitability, and work seamlessly from anywhere.

  • Case and Matter Management

    Neatly organize all your cases and matters in the cloud, so everyone who needs to can stay up-to-date in real time. Customize workflows, filters, and views to fit your practice’s needs.

    Time Tracking and Calendaring

    Simplify and improve the way your firm tracks time and coordinates scheduling. Automatically add time entries directly from calendar events, tasks, communication logs, notes, and documents to prevent valuable time from falling through the cracks.

    Document Management

    Access and organize all of your firm’s documents with unlimited, cloud-based storage. Save everyone’s time with customizable document templates, and search your document library to easily find the exact files you need.

    Reporting & Analytics

    Get real-time insights into your firm’s key metrics with an easy-to-understand visual dashboard. Gain visibility into how your firm and staff are performing, identify areas where you can improve profitability, and monitor your firm’s progress over time.

Benefit from the Clio Advantage with a partner you can trust

More than just software, partnering with Clio gives your law firm the best security in the industry; award-winning customer support, onboarding, and data migrations; and decades of legal tech expertise.

  • Award-Winning Support

    Get personalized, in-house support—24 hours a day, 5 days a week—from the largest and most experienced team in the industry. Connect via phone, email, or live chat, and access video tutorials online in our Help Center library.

    Enterprise-Grade Security

    Protect your valuable data, clients, and people with the best cybersecurity in legal. Clio’s dedicated security experts, in-transit and at-rest encryption, data residency requirements, two-factor authentication, and GDPR and PCI compliance guard your firm day and night.

    Free Onboarding & Migrations

    Rely on Clio’s Onboarding and Migrations Teams to get your data transferred and your staff up and running—for free. Partner with Clio’s in-house experts, access on-demand and live training sessions, and enjoy dedicated migration support at no additional charge.

    Automatic Updates

    Eliminate the tedious manual software updates required by most on-premise legal software. Receive new product and feature updates without any disruption or fees, and benefit from automatic backups of all your data in the system.

Centralize all your existing tools in one streamlined system

Clio acts as a central command hub for all of the different software apps your firm is already using—and many others you haven’t yet discovered! Browse the 200+ applications in our App Directory, the most extensive integration library in the industry.

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