Designed with every role in mind

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  • Mid Market Roles - Managing Partner


    Clio is the go-to hub for partners to efficiently manage their firms, thanks to our platform’s advanced centralization and integration capabilities.

  • Mid Market Roles - Associates


    Clio streamlines organization, time tracking, and document sharing for associates, with user-friendly features that are easy to learn and teach.

  • Mid Market Roles - Operations


    Clio simplifies legal operations for office managers and firm administrators, enabling efficient organization across their numerous responsibilities.

  • Mid Market Roles - Legal Staff

    Legal Staff

    Clio’s intuitive interface and case management features help legal staff members simplify task management, time tracking, expense recording, and client communication.

  • Mid Market Roles - IT

    IT Staff

    Clio ensures IT staff peace of mind with strict security measures, including access policies, two-factor authentication, and automated backups for data protection.

Give the people what they want

Our 2023 Legal Trends for Mid-Sized Law Firms report found that staff using cloud-based tools like Clio report higher performance—and are generally happier.

It's time to make the move to Clio

With Clio as your partner, you can be confident that everyone at your firm will benefit from innovative tools for streamlined workflows, enhanced collaboration, and unparalleled results. Get in touch with us today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best legal software for law firms?

Clio, the top cloud-based legal practice management software, provides intuitive, easy-to-use case management features for law firms. This cloud-based legal practice management software helps firms seamlessly track operations, organize cases, collaborate with clients and colleagues, bill efficiently, and generate valuable business insights—all from one place.