How One of Nebraska’s Largest Divorce Firms Increased Revenue by 30% with Clio

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Changing the legal experience for divorce

Angela Lennon is a partner at Koenig|Dunne, a 100% women-owned family law firm dedicated to changing the legal experience for families in Nebraska who are going through a divorce.

Koenig|Dunne was the winner of the 2022 Reisman Award for Legal Innovation based on the firm’s approach to technology, delivery of legal services, and meeting the needs of clients outside of the traditional market.

With decades of experience, Angela and the rest of Koenig|Dunne know that clients facing divorce are often overwhelmed—and concerned about cost—when facing one of the hardest times of their lives. In collaboration with Legal Aid and the Nebraska Volunteers Lawyer Project, Koenig|Dunne launched Untie Online, the first and only divorce service in Nebraska that provides education, information, resources, personalized legal documents, and attorney support, all at an affordable fee for those with uncontested divorces who would otherwise be pro se.

“We want to be innovators. We want to be risk takers. We’re not afraid of innovation. We want to use technology to help serve clients.”

How Clio helps Koenig|Dunne innovate on behalf of their clients

Angela and her team believe that a divorce is more than a legal transaction, and they’ve pushed the bounds of traditional legal services. 

Before Clio, Koenig|Dunne used a system that caused significant frustration for the team. It was inefficient, confusing, and worst of all, many didn’t use it correctly. The firm looked at several practice management solutions, but Clio was the one comprehensive enough to manage their entire practice. Since adopting Clio, they’ve seen huge payoffs in terms of efficiency, referrals, and revenue.

“Since using Clio we’ve increased our gross revenue by 30%, and we’re on target to double the amount of cases that we’ve opened compared to last year.”

1. A responsive system for expedient and client-centered intake 

Koenig|Dunne uses Clio Grow, a client intake and CRM system, which has completely changed the experience for potential clients reaching out to the firm. Angela and her team now respond much quicker and with a more consistent process for consultation and intake. 

“It eases the administrative burdens so we can really hear their stories, understand where they’re coming from, and humanize their experiences—because we’re not so focused on the administrative work to get a client in the door.”

“My favorite feature of ClIo Grow is the pipeline. We can see at every stage of the intake process where our clients are. And then we have really good data about where our clients are coming from, and we can run referral reports based on our most important referral sources.”

“Clio Grow has revolutionized how we do intake in our law firm. We do it seamlessly, it’s automated, it’s responsive.”

2. Templated task lists ensure nothing gets missed

Since each case typically involves multiple people, it’s important that everyone at Koenig|Dunne has a clear sense of the work that they’re responsible for. Clio’s task management functionality ensures that everyone knows what needs to be done next, while saving on the work of manually creating and assigning routine tasks. 

“When we open up a new divorce file, we have a task list that populates a list of 20 different tasks that automatically get assigned in one click of a button.”

 3. Streamlined billing, done in 45 minutes

Clio has streamlined Koenig|Dunne’s billing, ensuring that the process is organized and straightforward for everyone—and that the firm gets paid each month. Everything gets logged in Clio, so it’s fast and easy for the team to review everything and get bills out to clients. 

“Before Clio, to run our bills every month we would print them for the lawyers, put them in a little binder. We would block off 3 hours in our calendars and we would manually make revisions on paper that our staff would then have to fix in the billing system. Now it’s so much more efficient. We use Clio to run our bills, see them online, make the edits, and get them out the door faster.”

“Before Clio, it took 3 hours a month to do our billing—and it was tedious and lawyers hated it. Now, with Clio, it’s easy, it’s efficient, it takes 45 minutes, and people get it done on time.”

4. Centralized information creates better collaboration 

Running a practice with 20 lawyers and support staff requires a lot of collaboration and support. Clio ensures that everyone has access to the same information at all times, while helping prioritize work and keeping everyone organized. 

“Our clients and our team members are less burnt out. We can support one another. We’ve reduced our working hours and we haven’t missed a beat because Clio’s made us more efficient and productive.”

“When a team member is unexpectedly out of the office because their daughter is in the hospital, within 30 minutes, we can have every single one of her tasks reassigned. We don’t miss a beat.”

5.  Business intelligence for smarter decision-making

Clio has helped Koenig|Dunne improve their business on multiple fronts. The firm is more organized, and through features like Clio Payments, they’ve been able to increase collection rates across all of the bills they send out. 

“We use Clio to help us manage our individual case files—and we use it to gather the data that we need to determine the health and status of our firm.”

“We can see at a click of a button how much is in our trust account, how many consults we have on the books. We’re not spending time trying to find that information. We’re utilizing Clio to make really great strategic decisions for the firm.”

6. Easy to get started 

When Angela and her team adopted Clio, they had the support they needed every step of the way.

“Any time you have a question, you can either read about it, you can watch a video, you can call customer support, and that makes it a lot easier.”

Advice for other law firms considering Clio

Angela went to law school because she knew she wanted to make a difference and because she knew she wanted to help people. Clio has helped her and the team at Koenig|Dunne focus more on doing their best work for their clients. 

“If you’re thinking about using Clio, I will say it will make your life easier, not only in working with your clients, but in the day-to-day operations of your law firm—so you can focus on what only you can do, and what you do best.”

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