Are Alternative Legal Services Right for Your Firm?

Are you curious about emerging trends in alternative legal models and initiatives—including how to apply them at your firm, the risks vs. the benefits, and their impact on the legal industry? Join Clio in July as we explore the rise of new law firm services and discuss: 

  • Why you should consider leveraging legal project outsourcing and freelancing
  • What bundled and subscription services can look like—and how they can work at your firm
  • The outlook and impact of non-lawyer ownership of firms  

You’ll hear from and engage with forward-thinking industry leaders who are challenging the norms of the classic law firm model—and developing innovative solutions for a more accessible, equitable, and client-centered lawyering approach. 

If you have questions pertaining to any of these topics, you can submit them ahead of time here. Plus, by submitting your questions, you automatically enter for a chance to win a Clio Cloud Conference pass!

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  • Embracing the Freelance Legal Professional


    When done right, legal process outsourcing lets you leverage the skills of other experts to save time, significantly cut costs, and reduce your workload. Join our panelists as they address common questions around outsourcing legal work such as: 

    • What outsourced legal services are the most beneficial to a law firm
    • How to find the right freelancer to meet the needs of your projects
    • Techniques and tools to manage your remote freelance attorneys
    • The steps to become a freelance lawyer yourself
    • What’s next for the legal process outsourcing industry

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  • Nefra MacDonald

    Affinity Partnerships Manager at Clio

    Kristin Tyler

    Co-Founder of LAWCLERK

    J. Ryan Johnson

    Attorney at The Law Office of J. Ryan Johnson


  • Advantages of Automated and Bundled Legal Services

    July 15, 2021 at 10 a.m. PDT | 1 p.m. EDT

    The panel will discuss the benefits of automation and subscription pricing—like creating better client experiences, consistent revenue, and increasing access to justice—and answer questions you may have on topics like:

    • How technology can help you make your legal services more human-centered
    • What bundled and subscription services can look like—and how they can work at your firm
    • How to design a service model that helps you increase cash flow and gain a competitive edge

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  • Rio Peterson

    Affinity Partnerships Manager at Clio

    Dorna Moini

    CEO of Documate

    Blaine Korte

    CEO of Fidu Legal

  • The New Frontier: Non-Lawyer Ownership of Firms

    July 27, 2021 at 10 a.m. PDT | 1 p.m. EDT

    Learn what the future holds for non-lawyer ownership of firms—and why the legal industry could benefit from this progressive approach.  In this session the panelists will address common questions and concerns on the following topics: 

    • What’s the compelling motivation for state bars considering ABS and non-attorney ownership
    • What are some of the concerns of people who oppose these changes
    • What non-lawyer ownership means for law firms—and why it’s not as scary as it seems
    • Advice for non-lawyers wanting to start a practice, and lawyers wanting to partner with a professional of a different expertise

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  • photo of Joshua
    Joshua Lenon

    Lawyer in Residence at Clio

    Allen Rodriguez
    Allen Rodriguez

    Founder of ONE400

    Lynda Shely

    Owner of The Shely Firm PC