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A Course in Client-Centered Lawyering

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About the Course

A Course in Client-Centered Lawyering

Clio’s Client-Centered Course is a four-part series that introduces the concept and importance of implementing a client-centered approach at your law firm. During the course, you’ll learn from influential legal professionals who have implemented client-centered models at their firms—and you’ll gain insights from the book on client-centered lawyering, The Client-Centered Law Firm by Clio CEO and Co-founder Jack Newton.

Benefits of Client-Centered Certification

Law firms that design their processes and services with a focus on their clients’ needs end up seeing more reviews and more referrals, leading to more new business—as well as increased firm efficiency and revenue. Becoming a Clio-Certified Client-Centered Law Firm involves learning the essentials of client-centered lawyering, which you can implement at your firm to deliver a better client experience, make your life easier, and improve your bottom line.

How to Become Certified

1. Watch all four sessions of the Clio’s Client-Centered Course.
2. Email [email protected] to receive the Client-Centered Certification test.
3. Receive 100% on test (you can take it multiple times if needed).
4. Receive Clio’s Client-Centered Law Firm badge to showcase on your website.
5. When visitors click the badge, they’ll be sent to a webpage that highlights the benefits of working with a client-centered law firm like yours.

  • Introducing The Client-Centered Law Firm

    • This session will cover the processes, mindset and values your firm must prioritize to adopt a client-centric system—and why this is beneficial
    • Hosted by Clio, featuring moderator Rio Peterson, Affinity Programs Manager at Clio, and panelists Joshua Lenon,  Lawyer in Residence at Clio and Diana Stepleton, VP, Legal Affairs at Ruby Receptionists
    • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Understanding Your Client Journey

    • Learn which components comprise a client journey map— and why you should use this tool to better understand and connect with your current and potential clients
    • Hosted by Clio, featuring moderator Rio Peterson, Affinity Programs Manager at Clio, and panelist Lori Gonzalez, CEO & Founder, The RayNa Corporation
    • Duration: 60 Minutes


  • Designing Client Driven Experiences

    • Learn how to apply client-centered principles and design new processes to your firm’s unique circumstances, yielding happier clients and a more profitable business
    • Hosted by Clio, featuring moderator Nefra MacDonald, Affinity Programs Manager, and Kristin Gaston, Attorney at Cascade Legal Planning, LLC
    • Duration: 60 minutes
  • How to Implement a Client-Centered Model at Your Firm

    • Learn how to start using a client-centered model at your firm—and to measure your success
    • Hosted by Clio, featuring moderator Emma Raimi-Zlatic, Affinity Programs Manager, Patrick Palace, Owner of Palace Law, LLP, and Billie Tarascio, Owner of Modern Law
    • Duration: 60 minutes



  • Joshua Lenon

    Joshua Lenon
    Lawyer in Residence, Clio 

  • Diana Stepleton
    Diana Stepleton

    VP, Legal Affairs at Ruby Receptionists

  • Emma Raimi-Zlatic
    Lori Gonzalez

    President & CEO, 
    The RayNa Corporation

  • Kristin Gaston
    Kristin Gaston

    Attorney at Cascade Legal 
    Planning, LLC

  • Billie Tarascio
    Billie Tarascio

    Owner, Modern Law 

  • Patrick Palace

    Patrick Palace

    Owner of Palace Law, LLC