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Alternative Fee Arrangements for Law Firms: 9 Examples

Billing by the hour has its place, but it shouldn’t be the default. These nine examples of alternative fee arrangements can benefit your firm…

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A Guide to Legal Billing Software for Mac

Effective law firm billing is essential to a law firm’s success, and leveraging technology can further optimize billing. Learn about the leading legal billing…

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legal billing software for mac

A Guide to Writing Debt Collection Letters to Legal Clients

Debt collection is a struggle for many attorneys. Read our post to learn how debt collection letters may help—and how to write one.

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How to Track Time with a Billable Hours Chart

Are you tracking your billable hours efficiently? Learn how a billable hours chart can help—and how practice management software can make time tracking even…

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10 Tips to Improve Law Firm Profitability

Boosting law firm profitability has never been more important. Read our 10 essential tips to help your law firm profits grow.

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Selecting the Best Billing Arrangements for Your Firm

Join Mayur Gadhia, Founder of CloudAct, and Kimberly Y. Bennett, Founder of K Bennett Law LLC, to learn how different forms of billing arrangements…

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Automating Your Billing and Invoicing Processes

In this session, learn how automation tools can improve billing and invoicing productivity, achieving a smoother experience for both law firms and clients.

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