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A Guide to Preparing for Lawyer Retirement

Retirement is a big step in an attorney’s career, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Read our guide to start planning for a…

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lawyer retirement

Leaving Big Law to Start a New Firm with Clio

Leaving a large law firm for your own practice is stressful under any circumstances, but it’s especially daunting when you have a robust immigration…

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The Best Conferences for Lawyers in 2024 — Including Legal CLE Conferences

Not sure how to choose the best legal conferences to attend this year? Read our guide to check out the best conferences for lawyers…

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best conferences for lawyers

Should You Start Your Own Law Firm?

Considering starting your own law firm? Weigh the pros and cons, and determine if running your own business is right for you.

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Deciding on starting a lawfirm

A Guide to Legal Mentors and How to Find One

Do you have a legal mentor? Find out how you and your law firm can benefit from legal mentors throughout your career.

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3 Steps to Planning a Stress-free Summer Vacation as a Lawyer

In this blog post, we’ll share what to consider before planning a vacation and three simple steps you can take to plan a stress-free…

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10 Tips for Leaving a Law Firm the Right Way

Leaving a law firm is never easy. But if you feel it’s time to move on to a new chapter in your career, learn…

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