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How to Decide If Legal Billing Software Is Worth the Investment

Despite wide adoption, legal billing software may not be needed at every firm. If you're still on the fence about whether legal billing software…

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Are you accepting credit cards at your law firm?

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How to Run a Subscription-Based Legal Practice

Nowadays, subscriptions are everywhere. But, while most of us subscribe to a few favorites in our personal lives, are subscription-based services possible when it…

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Law Firm Billing: Ultimate Guide and Best Practices

Our guide to law firm billing covers everything you need to know about billing your clients more efficiently so you can maximize your cash…

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Your Clients Want to Pay by Credit Card—How Your Firm Can Do So

Did you know that most clients want to pay by credit card? Find out why and how to let them pay by credit card.

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How to Implement Payment Plans at Your Law Firm

Using payment plans in your law firm can help you get paid more consistently. Here’s how to set them up the right way.

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A Guide to Evergreen Retainers for Law Firms

Evergreen retainers can be beneficial for your finances—and for your clients’ finances. Here’s everything you need to know about evergreen retainers for your law…

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