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The Pros and Cons of Solo Practice

Explore the key takeaways from the 2023 Legal Trends Report for Solos Report, as summarized by Bob Ambrogi of Lawsites.

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Key Insights on Legal Trends For Mid-Sized Firms

Join this free webinar to learn about the latest insights on what’s happening with mid-sized firms and what that means for you.

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AI in Legal Marketing: How to Ethically and Effectively Build Your Brand and Business

Watch this webinar to learn how to build your law firm's brand and attract clients ethically with AI.

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What is Voir Dire? A Guide

Read about voir dire, a fundamental component of the legal system that allows attorneys to select a fair and impartial jury.

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An attorney conducts voir dire with the potential jurors on his case.

How to Compress a PDF

Learning how to compress a PDF document will help you take advantage of e-filing your court documents. Discover different ways you can compress your…

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A foot steps on a PDF to compress it

What Type of Lawyer Should I Be?

Wondering “What type of lawyer should I be?” Take our interactive quiz to find out!

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Multiple choice options from A to D for what type of lawyer should I be, with a different image of a lawyer as each option.

Should Lawyers Use AI for Briefs?

AI has enormous potential to help lawyers in many ways, including using AI for briefs. However, recent developments highlight the importance of using AI…

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