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Organization and Time Management for Legal Professionals

Organization for lawyers can be tough—especially when it feels like you can't stop. Follow this step-by-step process to getting organized.

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Illustration of paper files being funnelled into a pipe from a lawyer's desk into a filing cabinet

Episode 80: Ivy B. Grey, VP of Strategy & Business Development for WordRake

Ivy B. Grey took a roundabout route to becoming a lawyer and legal tech entrepreneur. Now, as Vice President of Strategy and Business Development…

Episode 80 Ivy B Grey

A Beginner’s Guide to Legal Workflow Automation

Want to save time and overhead, and practice law more efficiently? Legal workflow automation can help. Read our tips to get started.

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automation conveyor belt

Episode 59: Steven Abrahams, Partnerships for Microsoft Teams

When COVID-19 hit, Microsoft Teams suddenly became an even more important tool for all kinds of organizations—including law firms. Steven Abrahams works on Partnerships…

Episode 59 Steven Abrahams

Legal Analytics: Definition, Tools, and Applications

To help you better understand legal analytics, we’ll unpack what it is, how it can be used, what tools to use, and whether your…

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legal analytics

Electronic Signatures for Lawyers: A Guide

Learn all about how electronic signatures work for lawyers—including when to use them, what to consider, and what tools to use.

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electronic signatures for lawyers

Going Paperless: How to Transition to a Paperless Law Office

Going paperless is within reach for your law firm. Read this guide for tips on switching to a paperless law office.

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Illustration of going paperless

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