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Episode 2.10: How to Measure Your Law Firm’s Success

How do you measure the impact of a big idea? Hear how three client-centered law firms are measuring the metrics that matter to them.

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Episode 2.9: Being Client-Centered in a Post-COVID World

On the latest episode of the leading client-centered podcast for law firms, we look at how COVID has changed client expectations.

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Episode 2.8: How to Put Client-Centered Ideas into Practice

This episode, we’re looking at how to put client-centered ideas into practice at your firm, and to help us, four legal experts shared their…

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Episode 2.7: How to Put Yourself in Your Clients' Shoes

In this episode, we’ll build on that discussion to understand how to truly put yourself in your clients’ shoes. By doing so, you’ll be…

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Episode 2.6: How to Adopt a Client-Centered Mindset

So far during this season of Matters, we’ve looked at the “why” behind client-centered lawyering—but now, it’s time to start digging into the “how”.…

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Episode 2.5: The Industry Impact of Client-Centered Lawyering

This season of Matters expounds on the concepts outlined in Jack Newton's book, The Client-Centered Law Firm. In this episode, our hosts welcome a legal…

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