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Episode 56: Mark O’Brien, Co-founder and Executive Director of Pro Bono Net

In his work with Pro Bono Net, Co-founder and Executive Director Mark O’Brien heads a national nonprofit that increases access to justice for the…

Episode 56 Mark OBrien

Episode 55: Andrea Alexander, NYC Attorney and Social Change Advocate

A New York City-based attorney, Andrea Alexander has personally experienced many of the ways in which racial inequality affects people in the professional and…

Episode 55 Andrea Alexander

Episode 54: André Robert Lee, Director, Producer, Professor, and Keynote Speaker at Point Made Learning

André Robert Lee has devoted his life’s work to fighting injustice. A film director, producer, professor, and speaker with the Diversity & Inclusion company…

Episode 54 Andrew Robert Lee

Episode 53: Tiffany Graves, Pro Bono Counsel at Bradley

As Pro Bono Counsel at a large southern law firm and the former Executive Director of the Mississippi Access to Justice Commission, Tiffany Graves…

Episode 53 Tiffany Graves

Episode 52: Raphael Davis-Williams, Director of Equity and Inclusion at ACLU of Ohio

In today’s moving and important episode, ACLU of Ohio Director of Equity and Inclusion C. Raphael Davis-Williams speaks powerfully about systemic racism, police misconduct,…

Photo of Jack and Raphael

Episode 51: Leslie Ginzel, Chief of Holistic Services, Harris County Public Defender’s Office

Wrapping up Access to Justice Week is Attorney at Law Leslie Ginzel, Chief of Holistic Services at the Harris County Public Defender’s Office in…

Episode 51 Leslie Ginzel

Episode 50: Hank Greenberg, Former President of the New York State Bar Association

With the coronavirus crisis and the death of George Floyd, then-New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) President Hank Greenberg was at the front lines…

Episode 50 Hank Greenberg

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