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Episode 70: Jennifer Bailey, Administrative Judge, 11th Judicial Circuit of Florida, Circuit Civil Division

“If you were designing a system of justice from scratch, this is not what you would design,” says Judge Jennifer Bailey, Administrative Judge for…

Clio Daily Matters Episode 70 Judge Jennifer Bailey

Episode 69: Shreya and Colin Ley, Co-founders and Lawyer-Humans at LayRoots

Shreya and Colin Ley met each other while studying abroad during law school—then they got married and co-founded LayRoots, a law firm bringing a…

Clio Daily Matters Episode 69 Shreya and Colin Ley

Episode 68: I. Stephanie Boyce, Deputy Vice President of The Law Society of England & Wales

I. Stephanie Boyce is the current Deputy Vice President of the Law Society of England and Wales, and in 2021 she will become the…

Clio Daily Matters Episode 68 I. Stephanie Boyce

Episode 67: Brooke Moore, Founder of MyVirtual.Lawyer

As Founder of MyVirtual.Lawyer and Co-founder of MVL Licensing and {Shift}her, Brooke is changing the landscape of legal service delivery and women’s business development.

Clio Daily Matters Episode 67 Brooke Moore

Episode 66: Geneviéve Jones-Wright, Executive Director at MoGo

In this episode, Geneviéve and Clio CEO Jack Newton discuss the vital work that needs to be done to transform America’s legal and law…

Clio Daily Matters Episode 66 Geneviéve Wright Jones

Episode 65: Jordan Couch, Partner at Palace Law

Jordan Couch, a Partner at Palace Law, has been front and center for the recent events related to protests and COVID-19 in Seattle, Washington.…

Clio Daily Matters Episode 65 Jordan Couch

Episode 64: Nicholas Hite, Founder of Hite Law Group

As Founder of The Hite Law Group, a solo practice serving New Orleans and Louisiana, Nicholas Hite specializes in LGBTQ advocacy. He travels the…

Episode 64 Nicholas Hite

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