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Episode 91: Gyi Tsakalakis, President and Co-founder of AttorneySync

Gyi Tsakalakis is a law firm marketing expert. As a former lawyer who now runs an SEO and digital marketing agency, he’s watched the…

Episode 91 Gyi Tsakalakis

Episode 90: Alfred Hermida, Digital Media Scholar, Author, Journalist, and Professor

As an award-winning digital media scholar, author, and journalist, Alfred Hermida is one of Canada’s foremost experts on social media and digital journalism. In…

Episode 90 Alfred Hermida

Episode 89: Risha Grant, Founder & CEO of Risha Grant LLC

Diversity & Inclusion keynote speaker, founder, consultant, and author Risha Grant has been advocating for a more diverse and inclusive workplace for over 25…

Episode 89 Risha Grant

Episode 88: Ken White, Partner at Brown White & Osborn LLP and Writer at Popehat.com

First Amendment litigator, criminal defense attorney, writer, and podcast host Ken White has a wealth of knowledge and perspective about some of today’s most…

Episode 88 with Kenneth White

Episode 87: George Psiharis, Chief Operating Officer at Clio

Since joining Clio 10 years ago, Chief Operating Officer George Psiharis has had a front-row seat for the massive technological and cultural shifts that…

Clio Daily Matters Episode 87 George Psiharis

Episode 86: Ross Albers, CEO of Albers & Associates

When Ross Albers was still relatively new to legal practice, he got fired from his small law firm job just weeks before his wedding—and…

Clio Daily Matters Episode 86 Ross Albers

Episode 85: Darren Heitner, Founder and Chief Vision Officer at Heitner Legal P.L.L.C.

It’s a crazy time in the world of sports—and Sports Law expert Darren Heitner has a behind-the-scenes vantage point into how America’s professional sports…

Clio Daily Matters Episode 85 Darren Heitner

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