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Episode 84: Nicole Abboud-Shayan, Legal Industry Blogger, Speaker, and Podcast Host

Nicole—best known as the producer and host of the Gen Y Lawyer Podcast—is a legal industry expert who handles business development at WordRake and…

Episode 84 Nicole Abboud Shayan

Episode 83: Seth Price, Managing Partner at Price Benowitz LLP and Founder at BluShark Digital LLC

As the founder of both a successful, 40-lawyer law firm and a thriving digital marketing business, Seth Price has helped his own firm and…

Clio Daily Matters Episode 83 Seth Price

Episode 82: Donna Saadati-Soto and Efrain Hudnell, Co-Founders of United for Diploma Privilege

As co-founders of United for Diploma Privilege, Donna and Efrain are advocating for a more thorough understanding of the bar exam’s purpose and efficacy…

Episode 82 Donna Saadti Soto Efrain Hudnell

Episode 81: Nicole Bradick, Founder and CEO, Theory and Principle

Early into her legal career, Nicole Bradick realized that she could have a greater impact as a technologist rather than a litigator and founded…

Episode 81 Nicole Bradick

Episode 80: Ivy B. Grey, VP of Strategy & Business Development for WordRake

Ivy B. Grey took a roundabout route to becoming a lawyer and legal tech entrepreneur. Now, as Vice President of Strategy and Business Development…

Episode 80 Ivy B Grey

Episode 79: Bill Henderson, Stephen F. Burns Professor of Law at IU’s Maurer School of Law

Today’s guest is Bill Henderson, who in the past five years has been named one of the 100 Most Influential Lawyers in America by…

Episode 79 Bill Henderson

Episode 78: Bryan Parker, Co-founder and CEO of Legal Innovators

Bryan Parker is the Co-founder and CEO of Legal Innovators, an innovative alternative legal service provider (ALSP) that is helping law firms train young…

Episode 78 Bryan Parker

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