Episode 84: Nicole Abboud-Shayan, Legal Industry Blogger, Speaker, and Podcast Host

When she was young, Nicole Abboud-Shayan knew she wanted to become a lawyer—until she actually became one, and she realized she had a different calling. Now, Nicole—best known as the producer and host of the Gen Y Lawyer Podcast—is a legal industry expert who handles business development at WordRake and blogs, speaks, and creates content to help build a better future for legal professionals and their clients.
In this episode, Nicole talks to Jack Newton about:
  • Nicole’s journey from lawyer to legal industry entrepreneur
  • Nicole’s takeaways from her years hosting the Gen Y Lawyer Podcast
  • Advice for law firms who have Millennials on staff or work with Millennial clients
  • How the coronavirus crisis compares to the Great Recession in 2008, and what that means
  • Why Nicole feels lawyers are “exceptionally qualified to help change society for the better”

You can watch Nicole’s past presentation from the Clio Cloud Conference, “Millennials: Understanding Your New Clients and Colleagues,” here. (To learn about the 2020 Clio Cloud Conference, visit www.cliocloudconference.com.)

Nicole Abboud-Shayan is a Business Development Associate at Wordrake, a national speaker, and award-winning content creator who is guiding a new generation of leaders in the legal field.

As a WordRake team member, Nicole helps demonstrate the value of clear and concise writing in helping lawyers and other professionals communicate effectively. Through her insightful blog posts, podcasts, and resources, she’s here to show lawyers and law firm owners that effective leadership—the kind that works in today’s world—is agile, minimalistic, and social.
Nicole’s advice has been featured on numerous legal podcasts as well as online legal publications and web portals like the ABA Journal, GP Solo, Attorney at Work, Ms. JD, and Forbes. Nicole has spoken at leading industry conferences like the Clio Cloud Conference, Avvo’s Lawyernomics, and various bar association conferences.
You can follow Nicole on Twitter at @nicoleabboud