Episode 78: Bryan Parker, Co-founder and CEO of Legal Innovators

Bryan Parker is the Co-founder and CEO of Legal Innovators, an innovative alternative legal service provider (ALSP) that is helping law firms train young lawyers more effectively, embrace better business models, and enhance Diversity and Inclusion efforts.
In this wide-ranging discussion with Jack Newton, Bryan talks about:
  • Why he co-founded Legal Innovators, and how the company helps law firms and lawyers
  • How data and metrics can help firms make better decisions
  • How to foster more successful Diversity and Inclusion initiatives in law firms and law schools
  • Why lawyers should think more like business owners
  • What the future of the profession could and should look like
You can read Bryan’s recent article in The American Lawyer, “What the Death of George Floyd Should Teach the Legal Industry,” here. And check out Legal Innovators’ framework for improving Diversity and Inclusion in legal here.