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Episode 44: Kristin Tyler, Co-founder of LAWCLERK

In this episode, Kristin describes her journey with LAWCLERK, and she discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed things from a legal outsourcing perspective—including…

ClioDaily Matters Episode 44 Kristen Tyler

Episode 43: Noah Waisberg, Co-founder and CEO of Kira Systems

This week on Daily Matters, we’re focusing on legal technology leaders who have created innovative solutions to challenges facing the legal community.

Clio Daily Matters Episode 43 Noah Waisberg

Episode 42: Mark Britton, Founder of Avvo

Our last guest for Legal Industry Transformation Week is someone who has literally shaped the legal industry: Mark Britton, Founder and former CEO of…

Clio Daily Matters Episode 42 Mark Britton

Episode 41: Wade Foster, Co-Founder and CEO of Zapier

As Co-founder and CEO of Zapier, Wade Foster and his company have played a pivotal role in helping different industries transform—including legal.

Clio Daily Matters Episode 41 Wade Foster

Episode 40: Kim Bennett, Founder of K Bennett Law LLC

Continuing our Legal Industry Transformation Week, today we welcome Kimberly Y. Bennett, Esq., Founder of K Bennett Law LLC, a boutique subscription legal services…

Clio Daily Matters Episode 40 Kim Bennett

Episode 19: Rachel Roche, Founder of Roche Legal

“This is a really great opportunity to shift your mindset,” says Rachel Roche, Founder of the UK-based Wills and Probate law firm Roche Legal.…

Episode 19 Rachel Roche

Episode 39: Joshua Browder, Founder and CEO of DoNotPay

We're joined by DoNotPay Founder and CEO Joshua Browder to discuss how COVID-19 is impacting consumer legal rights, how AI can help, and how…

Clio Daily Matters Episode 39 Joshua Browder

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