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Shaka Senghor: How to Succeed by Building Emotional Connectivity in Legal

We sat down with Shaka at the Clio Cloud Conference to chat about his recent work and what he believes will have the greatest…

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Tips from Mel Robbins to Unlock Success in Your Legal Career

In an ever-evolving and challenging world, lawyers often find themselves battling stress, negativity, and a demanding workload. Read tips from Mel Robbins to improve…

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Image of Mel Robbins

The AI-Forward Law Firm: A Conversation on What’s Next for Legal

Join this free CLE-eligible webinar to be a part of an insightful discussion on this AI-led next chapter of the legal industry.

CLE Webinar Dec 13, 2023
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Watch How Law Firms Use Clio for Client Intake

Watch this replay to see how you can enhance your firm’s client intake process.

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Negotiation Tips for Lawyers from Chris Voss, CEO of the Black Swan Group

We got to sit down with Chris Voss, CEO of the Black Swan Group and renowned FBI negotiator, to learn more about his philosophies…

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Improving the Justice System: An Interview With Brian Banks

We sat down with Brian Banks, a former NFL player who spent 10 years in prison and on parole after being wrongfully convicted at…

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Brian Banks

How To Automate Your Firm with Clio in 2024

Tackle efficiency head on. Learn to automate your processes from intake to payment and set your firm up for success in 2024.

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