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The Quick Guide to Law Firm Document Shredding

Avoiding the paper shredder for too long can have real consequences for your law firm. Here’s how to save money on storage costs by…

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5 Resources for the Agile Attorney

Methodologies like Agile, Six Sigma, Lean, and Kanban can provide important lessons for improving your law firm’s efficiency. Become an Agile attorney today.

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Top Law Firm Technology Trends to Watch for in 2017: Part 2

In the second instalment of our law firm technology trends survey, some of law’s most prominent women share their thoughts on where legal professionals…

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How Lawyers are Using Tech to Help in US Airports

Hundreds of lawyers around the U.S. are still out in force reacting to the unprecedented change in immigration law by President Trump’s executive order.

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The 4 Most Important Steps in an Effective Hiring Process

It’s important to have your hiring process established before you start interviewing. Learn how to plan for each step.

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5 Law Firm Interview Questions for Better Recruiting

Asking the right interview questions will help you learn how a candidate will perform at your law firm, and what they’ll be like to…

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How One Alberta Lawyer Saves Time With the Cloud

Jason Morris of Roundtable Law talks about how he uses Clio to save a whole lot of time in his legal practice.

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