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What You Should Know Before Starting a Law Firm

Learn what you need to prepare for before opening a new practice in this Innovate Legal online meetup.

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Best Gifts for Law Students: A Practical Guide

Shopping for a busy law student this season? Check out our favorite gift ideas for law students.

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Gifts for law students

What It’s Actually Like Working at a Law Firm

Working at a law firm can be different for everyone. Learn what it can look like, from a lawyer who's (nearly) lived it all.

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Transitioning to Bankruptcy Law: Thoughts from an Insolvency Trustee

If you’re thinking of switching to bankruptcy law, it might just be the ideal time. Read what an insolvency trustee thinks.

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Difference Between a Paralegal and Lawyer

Wondering what the difference is between a paralegal and a lawyer? Learn more about the difference in duties, education, and career outlook.

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Types of Paralegals and the Work They Do

Learn more about the various fields and work duties of paralegals in this blog.

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What Is a Legal Assistant? Their Role and How It Helps Lawyers

What is a legal assistant? Read on to learn more about how lawyers can benefit from working with legal assistants—from research to drafting contracts.

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