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The heart of the firm—how Clio helps small law firms collaborate, communicate, and more

With Clio, Jesse runs a boutique litigation from his desk, the courthouse, and anywhere in between. Learn how Clio helps Brooks & Baez stay…

Jesse Baez

How Patricia’s Law Firm Makes $30,000-50,000 More per Month With Clio Complete

With Clio, Patricia increased her firm’s monthly revenue by $30-50,000. Learn how Clio helped her attract more clients while slashing expenses.

Patricia Rodriguez

Personal Productivity Tips for Actual Results

Join this 60-minute workshop to take back your work week and master productivity.

Clio Resource

Law Firm Security: How to Protect Your Client Data and Stay Compliant

Join this free webinar to master law firm data security compliance and protect your clients.

Clio Resource

HIPAA Compliance for Law Firms: Everything You Need to Know

Curious about HIPAA compliance for law firms? Read on to understand your responsibilities and how legal practice management software can help.

Article 7 minutes well spent
Medical professional putting information in safe

The Benefits of Becoming an ISO 27001 Certified Law Firm

Curious about ISO 27001 certification for law firms? Learn more about the benefits this information security certification can have for your firm.

Article 4 minutes well spent
Courthouse on an island surrounded by moat

Lawyer Mental Health: How to Practice Mindfulness and Avoid Burnout in Law

Download our guide to practicing mindfulness and avoiding burnout. Learn the importance of lawyer mental health, and ways to implement mindfulness throughout your day.

Clio Resource

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