Instagram Marketing for Lawyers: Find New Clients and Grow Your Firm

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Can lawyers advertise on Instagram?

The short answer: absolutely.

Although Instagram may not be the first channel that springs to mind when strategizing ways to market your law firm, it can be a powerful tool to add to your arsenal. Instagram marketing for lawyers is increasing in popularity amongst firms as a marketing strategy, and they’ve seen remarkable results from investing time and effort in the platform.

Instagram’s unique value in legal marketing

If your law firm is already active on LinkedIn and Twitter, you’re likely wondering why you need to build a presence on another social media channel. For starters, several unique features set Instagram apart—chief among them, its highly-visual nature. This captivating format of photos and videos has drawn nearly 1.5 billion users to the platform.

Instagram also boasts high levels of engagement for brands. 90% users of follow one or more companies, while 200 million actively visit business profiles each day. In addition, after seeing a product or service on Instagram, 79% of people searched for further information and 65% visited the brand’s website. Instagram can play a significant role in highlighting your services and building meaningful connections with clients.

How do I promote my law firm on Instagram?

Along with its simplicity, Instagram offers different types of content to match your firm’s needs. Lawyers can share photos, or harness the platform’s stories, lively reels, and long-form Instagram TV videos.

4 benefits of Instagram marketing for lawyers

Below are four ways Instagram marketing for lawyers can help grow your firm.

Finding new clients

Instagram marketing for lawyers allows firms to find new clients and grow their business. One way to accomplish this is by posting engaging content that positions your law firm as an expert in that particular field. For example, consider sharing an explainer video that tackles common challenges facing clients, or link to an insightful article you’ve posted on your website. Adding hashtags and geotags to your posts can help you reach local clients.

Advertising their services

Along with posting organic content, legal professionals are using Instagram Ads to raise awareness of their business—and it’s working. Roughly 50% of people express more interest in a brand after seeing their ad on Instagram. Instagram allows companies to segment and target users based on demographics, location, behaviors, and more. These detailed targeting options allow firms to narrow down their target audience and advertise to their most relevant prospects, ensuring they get the most out of their ad spend.

Boosting SEO efforts

One way to improve your search engine optimization efforts using Instagram is to drive followers to a page on your website through the link in your bio. Learn more about optimizing for search engines by reading about the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) for lawyers.

Showcasing culture

Nowadays, potential applicants want to truly understand a firm’s culture before joining. And with Instagram, you can offer exactly that. From spotlighting your employees to sharing photos from company gatherings, the platform gives followers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of life at your firm. Beyond attracting talent, this helps clients engage with your law firm on a more personal level, which can deepen relationships.

How to get started with Instagram marketing for lawyers

Ready to get started on embracing the myriad possibilities of Instagram marketing for lawyers? Here’s what you need to know to use the social platform to its fullest potential.

1. Setting up a business profile

After creating an Instagram account and choosing a handle (such as the name of your law firm) you’ll want to switch to a business account. This gives you access to exclusive features, including insights and in-app ad creation.

Your profile is your first chance to make an impression with your followers, so create one that stands out. Business profiles have 150 characters you can use to highlight what sets your firm apart. There’s also the option to have a contact button, one link, and a profile image, such as your firm’s logo or a professional headshot if you’re a solo practitioner.

2. Brainstorm compelling content ideas

Next, you’ll want to devote time to brainstorming content ideas that align with your business goals. This should include content that raises brand awareness, builds trust, and drives traffic to your website. Using a free content calendar can go a long way in helping ensure you have a stream of posts lined up in your instagram marketing strategy.

Consider posting a compelling statistic or sharing a quote from a recent article (you can include the link to the full piece in your bio). Highlight your firm’s culture by posting short Q&A videos with staff or photos from social gatherings, charity events, award ceremonies, and much more. This article rounds up ideas to inspire your thinking— there are also virtual meetups that you can sign up for to learn expert tips on marketing your firm with social media.

There’s no denying a photo is worth a thousand words. But, combined with a well-crafted caption? That’s the key to a successful instagram marketing strategy. So, use your words wisely. And remember: Hashtags are key to getting your posts noticed by more users.

While Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, a good rule of thumb is to use between three to five. Try adding your location in the hashtag to reach local clients, such as #VancouverLawyer. Or, if you’re casting a wider net, opt for more generic hashtags used in the legal industry, like #lawyer, #lawfirm, #familylawfirm, and #attorneylife.

3. Be consistent

Another tip to excel at Instagram marketing for lawyers is to post regularly. Whether you choose to share content once a day or a couple of times per week, consistency is key to building trust with your followers. Be sure to strategically time your posts to when your followers are active on the platform, such as during lunchtime or in the evening.

4. Leverage Instagram Stories to find legal clients

Stories are one of Instagram’s most popular features—and for good reason. The feature allows users to post photos or short videos that appear at the top of the app, which stay live for 24 hours before disappearing (unless you save them as highlights on your profile). Along with posting organic stories, companies can also have their ads show up between a user’s stories.

Stories can be an effective way to connect with potential clients. In fact, a recent survey found that 62% of people have become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in stories.

5. Track your efforts

Finally, devote the time to measure the success of your Instagram marketing efforts by tracking key metrics, like engagement, follower growth, and reach. By doing so, you’ll be able to see what’s working—along with what can be improved in the future.

Endless possibilities: Instagram marketing for lawyers

Many legal professionals have yet to fully embrace all of Instagram’s possibilities. However, in today’s hyper-social world, there is no better time to leverage this powerful network. Those who invest the time and resources into using Instagram’s many features will drive brand awareness, scale their firm, and ultimately, increase their bottom line.

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