The 2021 Legal Impact Award

The Legal Impact Award was established in 2021 to honor law firms making a difference. Voting is now closed—meet our six inspiring finalists below and see the winner announced at the 2021 Clio Cloud Conference.

  • Vicente Sederberg LLP

    Vicente Sederberg LLP is not just a law firm that decided to jump into the cannabis space—they are a cannabis law firm, and they have been at the leading edge of cannabis law and policy since the inception of the regulated cannabis industry. They do not just help clients navigate marijuana and hemp laws and regulations, they help shape those policies. Vicente Sederberg has an unparalleled track record of advancing the legal cannabis industry in a dynamic and responsible manner; as Rolling Stone magazine put it, VS is “the country’s first powerhouse marijuana law firm.”

  • Romero Law, APC

    Romero Law represents whistleblowers across various fields, including in law enforcement. Romero Law’s work has resulted in investigations by the CA Attorney General, and the formation of a US Congressional Subcommittee to investigate the allegations. Most recently, an anonymous whistleblower represented by Romero Law blew the whistle on decades of time-card fraud by the Compton Sheriff’s Department, which had cost the City of Compton—one of the poorest cities in the United States—potentially tens of millions of dollars.

  • Ackah Business Immigration Law

    Evelyn Ackah left a big global law firm to strike out on her own 10 years ago, with a focus on improving client service. She wanted to provide a personalized, high-touch level of service based on flat fee billing, so her clients wouldn’t be afraid to call or email their lawyer. Now, Ackah Business Immigration Law strives to make the experience of being retained as easy as possible—and as smooth as possible—for clients and potential new clients. The firm understands that in order to help as many people as possible, they need to provide exceptional client service and treat each client like the only client at the firm.

  • The Modern Family Law Company

    The Modern Family Law Company is a virtual law firm specializing in children law and family creation, with a focus on working closely with the 2SLGBTQIA+ community to challenge discrimination and to champion inclusion and diversity. In addition to their legal work, The Modern Family Law Company also provides clients with access to wellbeing and mental health specialists at any point on their clients’ legal journeys—to help empower and support their clients during stressful family law proceedings.

  • Advocate Attorneys LLP

    Advocate Attorneys formed in March of 2020 to create a national network of trained consumer protection lawyers poised to represent working class and middle class Americans as they grapple with the displacement and financial crises resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. By recruiting 48 new or career-changing “Fellows” for an intensive education in consumer protection law, Advocate Attorneys has been able to scale up and provide critical legal services to consumers across the United States.

  • Pinder Plotkin

    In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, Pinder Plotkin launched a free will program for First Responders—then expanded that program to include a community service component connecting First Responders with the communities they serve.

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