EZAutomate gives you endless possibilities to automate business processes. Autogenerate documents, auto-email customers, connect to various state’s eFiling system – imagine automating any processes within Clio and EZAutomate can likely make it happen. Product by USLegalPRO – legal technology company certified as an EFSP in CA, TX, IN and CA

Key Features

  • Matter Related Automation:
    Autogenerate pre-populated PDFs based on data residing within the matter, fix 100s of documents residing in Clio that have errors, read Gmail and extract all the documents and put in a matter folder categorized by the sender or receiver or both, autogenerate billing reports for the past 1 month and automatically email partners of your company, connect to State's e-filing system and get case related status - These are just a handful of use cases of what EZAutoamate can do.

    Document Related Automation:
    Convert documents to PDF, Read PDF and update custom attributes, resize documents, make PDFs text searchable, etc.

    Other Automation:
    You can come up with your own use cases for automating matters and documents centric processes and EZAutomate can make it happen with the help of XML based configurable language called EZScript.