Grow your law firm with real-time, exclusive leads & calls
Available in the United States
Starting at $100 minimum flat fee USD

Key benefits for your firm

  • Grow Your Practice with Leads and Live Calls

    Position your law firm to receive calls and leads from those seeking legal help in your area before they contact your competitors. Live Calls ring your phone directly after being qualified by the 4LL internal call center and Web Leads are sent to you exclusively in real-time.
  • Over 40+ Areas of Legal Practice Available

    Target your location(s) and area of practice(s) by integrating with Customize your account to target locations at the national, state, or zip code radius levels. Choose from up to 40+ areas of practice for both leads and calls.
  • Exclusive, Transparent, No Long-Term Contracts

    Each lead and call is connected to one attorney. Receive credits for invalid leads. Fund manually or automatically. No long-term contract required.

How 4LegalLeads works with Clio

  • Easy Delivery & Clio Grow Integration

    Leads and calls are delivered by email, phone, and SMS. You can access them in your 4LL back office, or have them show up instantly in your Clio Grow, where you can select how they are managed from your Clio Grow Inbox.

    The integration is available for all 40+ areas of practice.

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