WarRoom is a web-based application that makes it easy to highlight and tag deposition testimony. With WarRoom, lawyers can instantly create summaries of key testimony by witness or issue. With the Clio integration, law firms can connect their WarRoom account to pull deposition transcripts from Clio into WarRoom.

Key Features

  • Highlight and tag key deposition testimony

    Quickly highlight witness testimony online. You can tag your highlighted testimony by the key issues in your case, allowing you to see each witness testimony by topic. Your highlights will be neatly organized by witness and issue, keeping you prepared for trial.

    Create perfect deposition summaries

    WarRoom automatically creates your deposition summaries from your highlighted testimony. You can view each summary by witness or issue. Whether you’re preparing your cross-examination or writing a motion, deposition summaries will help you work faster and put your best facts first. Your summaries are available online and through a PDF download.

    All of your firm’s deposition transcripts in one place

    The Clio integration allows you to keep all of your deposition transcripts in Clio and sync them to WarRoom. This makes it easy to find any deposition at your firm. Invite your colleagues to WarRoom to share transcripts, highlight, and tag issues together.