2013 Apple in Law Firms Survey Results Shows Growth


The 2013 Clio Apple in Law Firms Survey results are in!  886 people took part in the survey, 90% of which were practicing lawyers and 10% of which were law students or non-lawyers.  85% of respondents were lawyers at firms with 10 attorneys or less. Macs continue to gain traction in a law firm setting; while last year’s results showed 60% of respondents have been using Macs in their law offices for two years or less, nearly half of respondents this year stated that they had been using Macs for 3 years or more.

The results this year show a dramatic uptick in Mac adoption in law firms, with Mac use topping 60% for the first time in survey history; iPhone usage showed dramatic growth from 62% to 74%; and 67% of respondents said they were also utilizing iPads.


Other widely-used products in the survey included Dropbox, used by 26% of respondents; iCloud, which inched up to 17%; and the ubiquitous Microsoft Office suite of products, which showed a usage rate of 42% (when asked why they chose Microsoft Office over similar offerings, most respondents simply answered ‘Clippy‘). Android phones showed a significant drop in usage, from 24 to 17%. Evernote, the most useful app you’re probably not using, climbed 3 points to 18% usage compared to last year. OpenOffice continued a slow climb to 5% adoption, showing that not EVERYONE appreciates anthropomorphic paperclips. Your favorite Practice Management Solution (ahem) Clio showed a 20% adoption rate for 2013.

So why the dramatic growth amongst Mac usage this year?  Coupled with a number of exciting product releases and OS updates, 52% of respondents stated they chose Apple options because the technology was more reliable and secure, with Usability coming in next at 28%.  Familiarity due to home use of Apple/Mac products was 10%, and aesthetics and design climbed back up to the 3% mark set 2 years ago.

“For the fourth year in a row the 2013 Apple in Law Firm survey results show the iPhone and iPad as two devices that have reshaped the legal technology landscape, with 2 in 3 law offices using either an iPhone or iPad,” said Clio CEO and co-founder Jack Newton. “Few technologies have achieved this level of ubiquity in a law firm.”

Legal professionals and law students were invited to participate in the survey, regardless of firm size and location. The annual survey aims to determine to what extent lawyers and law students are now using Apple products, and whether there is clear evidence of an increasing trend of the legal industry “going Mac” in the future.

For more information on the 2013 Clio Apple in Law Firms Survey or to receive the complete survey results, e-mail info@clio.com.


Clio is a comprehensive cloud-based practice management, time & billing and client collaboration platform specifically designed for small and mid-sized law firms. Clio can be accessed using PCs and Macs as well as mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices.

Secure and easy-to-use, Clio provides case/matter management, time tracking, billing/reporting, client contact and document management, task scheduling, trust accounting, and detailed reporting. In addition, Clio includes Clio Connect, a secure portal for exchanging information and collaborating with clients, and Clio Express, an offline time capture application.

Clio is based in Vancouver, B.C., and was founded by Jack Newton and Rian Gauvreau in 2007.
Visit http://campaign.clio.com, email info@clio.com,, call 1-888-858-2546 or follow on Twitter @goclio.

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