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If you’re looking to get involved in the Twitter-verse—or even if you’ve been engaged for some time—curating that list of who to follow can be an elusive and time-consuming task. To help you put you at the center of the conversation, we’ve put together a list of the most influential people in law you should be following on Twitter.

We’ve updated our list of the 22 best people to follow on Twitter with 13 newcomers, so you now have 34 awesome and inspiring people in legal to follow. This list is in no particular order—we think everyone on this list is especially follow-worthy.

1. Haben Girma (@HabenGirma)

Haben Girma is an advocate for equal opportunities for people with disabilities, and the first Deafblind student to graduate from Harvard Law School. She tweets about accessibility and inclusion in all areas of life—which is useful for making sure your practice is accessible to all.

2. Jordan Couch (@jordanlcouch)

Jordan Couch is an Attorney at Palace Law (also worth following on Twitter) and an advocate for the use of technology in law firms. He tweets about legal technology and the practice of law, and is a great source for advice on how to implement technology at your law firm.

3. Gyi Tsakalakis (@gyitsakalakis)

Gyi Tsakalakis is the Director of AttorneySync, a firm that specializes in SEO, web design, and online marketing for attorneys. He tweets frequently about these topics, occasionally including legal-specific SEO wisdom.

4. Chelsey Lambert (@ChelseyLambert)

Chelsey Lambert is the founder and editor of Lex Tech Review, which features articles and courses on legal technology and reviews of legal technology tools. Follow her for the latest in legal tech.

5. Kenneth Grady (@LeanLawStrategy)

Kenneth Grady is a retired lawyer and an adjunct professor at the Michigan State University College of Law. He is passionate about helping lawyers solve problems more efficiently, at a lower cost, and with better quality service. Follow him for cutting edge ideas on technology and the practice of law.

6. Margaret Hagan (@margarethagan)

Margaret Hagan is Director of the Legal Design Lab at Stanford Law School, and a lecturer at Stanford’s Follow her for all things #legaldesign.

7. Jayne Reardon (@2Civility)

Jayne Reardon is Executive Director of the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism (also called 2Civility). The commission is devoted to promoting a more civil, professional, and inclusive legal culture in the state of Illinois. Follow Jayne for tweets about interesting articles on law firm culture and the state of the legal industry.

8. Catherine Reach (@catherinereach)

Catherine Reach is Director of the Chicago Bar Association’s Law Practice Management and Technology Center. She tweets about everything from data security to chatbots, and is definitely worth following to stay up to date on legal technology.

9. Jeroen Zweers (@zweers)

Jeroen Zweers is Innovation Director at Kennedy Van der Laan, a law firm based in Amsterdam and Eindhoven. He’s also a Co-Founder of Dutch Legal Tech, which runs meetups to bring together people who are interested in developing new business models, tools, and technologies for the legal profession. Follow him to stay up-to-date on developments in legal tech in Europe.

10. George Beaton (@grbeaton_law)

George Beaton is Executive Chairman of Beaton, a research and consulting firm based in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. He’s a self-described legal services industry specialist, and with over 31 years at the helm of Beaton, he’s certainly worth watching.

11. Mark Cohen (@legalmosaic)

Mark Cohen is a formal civil trial lawyer and the CEO and Co-Founder of LegalMosaic, a repository for his writing, speaking, courses, and activities in the global legal marketplace.

12. Janet Welch (@SBMExecDirector)

Janet Welch is the Executive Director of the State Bar of Michigan. She’s also a legal future enthusiast, and tweets often about the latest legal happenings in her state.

13. Bob Ambrogi (@bobambrogi)

Bob founded the Law Sites Blog in 2002 to post news and reviews about online legal resources, technology, and social media. He’s since become an essential figure in the legal tech community, having won multiple awards and written several books on the topic. Bob’s words are essential reading.

14. Linda Klein (@LindaKleinLaw)

A senior managing shareholder at Baker Donelson in Georgia, Linda Klein is a force to be reckoned with. She’s regularly named as one of the top 50 lawyers in Georgia and is also currently president of the American Bar Association.

15. Stephen Poor (@stephen_poor)

Big Law and forward-thinking don’t always go together, but at Seyfarth Shaw LLP, they do. Chairman Emeritus Stephen Poor helped grow the firm from 500 lawyers to 850 worldwide. Follow him to keep a finger on the pulse of the legal industry.

16. Hilarie Bass (@HilarieBass)

Hilarie Bass is currently co-president, shareholder, and litigator at @GT_LawShe also spearheads the firm’s @GTLawWomen‘s Initiative—aimed at helping women lawyers succeed in law. Recently, Hilarie became the President-elect nominee for the American Bar Association for 2017, so expect her to have lots to share.

17. Eddie Hartman (@EddieRHartman)

Eddie is Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at LegalZoom, a company offering affordable legal services to millions of clients across the United States—and a company that’s known for being one of the legal industry’s major disruptors. Follow Eddie for updates on new developments that promise to shape the future of law practice.

18. Mike Whelan (@mikewhelanjr)

Mike helps lawyers build their practices and attract clients. At the heart of his service is his ninja thing (the thing he’s really good at): teaching and cultivating relationships. A nerd at heart, and a solo lawyer by trade in the State of Texas, he’s committed to sharing what he knows and helping others achieve their goals.

19. Carolyn Elefant (@carolynelefant)

Carolyne is an energy lawyer, practiced in issues relating to renewables, FERC, and much more. She’s also the mastermind behind, an essential resource for solo and small firms since 2002. Follow her and visit her site for comprehensive resources accessible to busy lawyers.

20. Jared Correia (@jaredcorreia)

Jared Correia is a former attorney who now advises lawyers on opening—and growing—their own legal practices. He also acts as a consultant for legal-facing businesses and legal institutions. Follow Jared for tweets about marketing for law firms, legal tech, and more.

21. The Florida Bar Association (@theflabar)

Technically this isn’t a person, but the Florida Bar has been lauded for embracing the more creative avenues available in the Twitter world. In addition to providing useful legal industry news, the Bar tweets (and retweets) some epic law gifs.

22. Solo Practice University (@SoloPracticeU)

Want to start a solo practice, but not sure where to begin? Solo Practice University may be able to help. It “picks up where your legal education left off,” providing courses, consultations, and networking services to help you succeed in the business of law.

23. Andrew Arruda (@AndrewArruda)

Andrew Arruda is on the cutting edge of legal technology. He’s the Co-Founder and CEO of Ross Intelligence, an artificial intelligence tool that helps with legal research. Don’t worry—Andrew isn’t trying to replace you with robot lawyers. Rather, he believes in the power of technology to enhance lawyers’ capabilities.

24. John Corcoran (@JohnCorcoran)

John Corcoran founded Smart Business Revolution to help small businesses grow through better relationships. He’s also an attorney! His Twitter feed offers many helpful tips for growing your firm.

25. Keith Lee (@associatesmind)

Keith Lee is an attorney in Birmingham, Alabama, and is the creator of LawyerSmack, a community for lawyers to learn and connect with each other. It covers everything from legal news and legal tech to law school survival and business development. His tweets are both informative and hilarious.

26. Sarah Glassmeyer (@sglassmeyer)

Sarah Glassmeyer is a librarian, lawyer, and fellow in the Harvard Library Innovation Lab who cares deeply about the connection between justice and free access to information. 

27. Lindsay Griffiths (@LindsayGriffith)

Lindsay is a self-professed Jill of all trades, currently serving as the director of global relationship management at the International Lawyers Network. She also posts regularly on her blog, Zen & the Art of Legal Networking. When it comes to the legal world, she’s at the center of it all.

28. Judge Stephen Dillard (@JudgeDillard)

Judge Dillard has been vice chief of Georgia’s Court of Appeals since 2010. He’s a great example of a public figure who’s embraced the social community through his Twitter account. Check out his feed for a balanced list of local news and personal updates. Listen to his session on courtroom etiquette.

29. Ed Walters (@EJWalters)

Ed is the CEO and Co-Founder of Fastcase, an online legal publisher used by more than 800,000 subscribers from around the world. He also teaches a class covering the frontiers of law and technology at the Georgetown University Law Center. Follow Ed for the latest in legal tech.

30. Dan Lear (@rightbrainlaw)

Dan Lear believes in new ideas, and he’s a proponent for living the #altlegal dream. An attorney, speaker, and blogger, Dan is an indispensable resource on legal technology for both legal and non-legal audiences.

31. Jennifer Reynolds (@freshstartott)

Jennifer is a family lawyer who founded Fresh Legal in 2015. She runs a lean practice in Ottawa, ON. She’s also a model professional in her social engagement, having established herself as an expert authority on family law practice.

32. Jeena Cho (@Jeena_Cho)

Jeena is a partner at JC Law Group PC, a bankruptcy law firm in San Francisco, CA, where she practices with her husband to help individuals and small businesses with their financial troubles. She’s also a prolific writer, having written her own book, The Anxious Lawyer: An 8-Week Guide to a Joyful and Satisfying Law Practice Through Mindfulness and Meditation. She also contributes to @forbes and @atlblog.

33. Joshua Lenon (@JoshuaLenon)

Our very own Joshua Lenon, Lawyer in Residence at Clio, is definitely one to follow. He’s been at the forefront of cloud-based legal practice management for several years. Always eager to help others improve their practice, he hosts regular webinars and offers all-around great resources and insights for lawyers. He’s also big on food. #PeasantKing

34. Jack Newton (@jack_newton)

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without Clio’s CEO and Co-Founder Jack Newton. He’s a pioneer in cloud-based technology for lawyers, having founded both Clio and the Legal Cloud Computing Association. Follow him to keep an eye on what’s next in legal tech.

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