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How Attorney Andrew Legrand Maximizes Efficiency With Clio

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How Treblaw LLC Grew Revenues 91% With Clio

“Clio is a very intuitive tool. You can set up a matter for a new client in seconds. You can get all your bills…

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How Family Law Attorney Jennifer Reynolds Serves Clients with Clio

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6 Email Marketing Tips for Lawyers

Email marketing is a great way to keep in touch with your network. In this post, we share 4 email marketing tips for lawyers…

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Legal Cloud Computing: Where Are We Now?

Cloud-based practice management has brought massive changes to the legal industry despite being relatively new. Here's what that means for your law firm.

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Make Your Firm More Efficient With These 10 Client Intake Tips

An efficient client intake process helps make a good first impression, but more importantly, it can save your law firm time and money.

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Why Law Firms Are Moving to the Cloud

Today's lawyers work more and more from home, client offices, hotel rooms, on the road, and in court. Cloud-based software gives you access to…

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