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8 Simple Ways to Make More Money As a Lawyer

How can you make more money as a lawyer? The answer could be simpler than you might think. Willie Peacock explains.

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Is Your Law Firm Ready for a Buyer’s Market?

Law is a seller’s market, but it will soon be a buyer’s market. Ed Walters explains why client-centered firms will be most successful in…

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The Best Books for Lawyers—25 Books Every Lawyer Should Read

With an endless array of books, where do you even start? Dive into our ultimate guide of the 25 best books for lawyers.

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Why Your Law Firm Needs an Online Payment System

Today's legal clients aren't interested in unnecessary trips to the bank. In this guide, you'll learn how law firms can: Let clients pay how…

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Clio This Month: New QuickBooks Online Trust Sync

Summer is almost over, but the excitement is just starting to ramp up at Clio. We’ve got big changes coming up, and we’re announcing…

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How Family Lawyer Benjamin S. Lee Builds Relationships With Clio

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How Immigration Attorney Jessica Yañez Finds a Recipe for Innovation In Clio

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