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A Guide to Evergreen Retainers for Law Firms

Evergreen retainers can be beneficial for your finances—and for your clients’ finances. Here’s everything you need to know about evergreen retainers for your law…

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How to Track Productivity at a Mid-Sized Law Firm

Even if you’re not a numbers person, you need to track productivity at your law firm. Here’s how to keep your business running efficiently…

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The True Cost of Interruptions for Lawyers

How much does an interruption cost you? More than you think. Here’s a look at the cost of interruptions for lawyers, and how to…

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What Lawyers Need to Know About Ethics and Technology

Megan Zavieh shares her list of what lawyers need to know to make sure they’re adhering to ethics rules when it comes to legal…

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12 Ways to Improve Your Legal Practice—Driven by Data

Being data-driven doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Start with these 12 tips from Mary Juetten and Sam Glover to make your legal practice more…

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10 Predictions for the Next 10 Years of Legal Tech

What do the next 10 years hold for legal technology? Read predictions from members of the Clio community.

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How to Become a Data-Driven Lawyer

Taking a data-driven approach to your law firm can help you make better business decisions for a more successful practice. Here’s how to do…

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