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US CARES Act Workshop

To help law firms understand how to take advantage of this government stimulus program, we’ve put together a webinar in partnership with CPN Legal…

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How to Choose a Legal Technology Consultant

Technology advancements have had a transformative impact on law firms. Whether it is the venerable fax machine or a modern suite of integrated cloud…

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Moving to the Cloud: Client Communication Best Practices for Law Firms

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Client Confidentiality in the Digital Age

Client confidentiality is the bedrock of any trusted legal practice. It’s a priority that informs everything from personal interactions to firm-level data protection—all of…

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Innovate Legal Online: Moving Your Client Intake Process Online

Join Part 2 of Clio’s Virtual Law Firm Bootcamp series, for a deep dive into client intake best practices for lawyers working remotely.

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Clio Cloud Conference 2019: Announcements

Which product releases did you miss at the Clio Cloud Conference 2019? Find out in this webinar.

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Clio for Civil Litigators

Civil litigators need to build the strongest case possible while balancing client demands, opposing counsel maneuvers, and court orders. Keeping track of deadlines, procedural…

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