Courtroom Etiquette for Lawyers

Decoding the unwritten rules of court etiquette.

Often treated as beings of unlimited power and unknowable disposition, judges and their clerks are mysteries to many lawyers. How do you address them? What are you allowed to say to them in the hallway or on social media? Why are you losing so many rulings at trial?

In this one-hour webinar join Judge Stephen Louis A. Dillard, the 73rd judge of the Court of Appeals of Georgia, David Lat, a former Federal Court clerk and founder of the wildly popular Above the Law blog, and Clio’s own Lawyer In Residence Joshua Lenon as they cover:

  • why courts have local rules;
  • mistakes every lawyer makes communicating with the court;
  • how to help courts handle your cases smoothly;
  • bringing collegiality back to the practice of law.

Learn from other lawyers’ mistakes and never lose a ruling again.

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