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Episode 92: Jon Tobin, Partner at Counsel for Creators LLP

Jon Tobin’s law firm, Counsel for Creators LLP, bills itself as the first law firm to develop subscription services tailored to the needs of…

Episode 92 Jonathan Tobin

A Law Firm Client Service Guide: Lessons From 5-Star Hotels

With a background working at five-star hotels, lawyer John Strohmeyer argues that having set law firm client service standards means a better client experience,…

Article 13 minutes well spent
Image of a 5-star review

The Future of Law: Adaptability is Your Superpower

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have an extensive and devastating impact, the legal profession must keep adapting to ensure access to the legal…

Article 5 minutes well spent
Clio Resource

Episode 57: John Grant, The Agile Attorney, and Simon Boehme, Legal Tech Entrepreneur

Any discussion of the technological tools that legal professionals and clients are increasingly using—especially during the coronavirus crisis—starts with Zoom. The video conferencing app…

Episode 57 John Grant Simon Boehme

Resilience During Times of Uncertainty

Firms who can stay resilient and successfully match their offering to what clients are looking for will not only survive, but thrive in today’s…

Article 4 minutes well spent
Photo of Jack Newton with "The Future of Law" text

Episode 38: Joseph Andrew, Global Chairman of Dentons

Joe Andrew is the Global Chairman of Dentons, which employs more than 19,000 people. Hear him discuss how COVID-19 is impacting the world's largest…

Clio Daily Matters Episode 38 Joseph Andrew

The Future for Law Firms is Client-Centered

Jack Newton talks about how client expectations are changing the legal industry, and why the future for law firms is client-centered.

Article 3 minutes well spent
Photo of Jack Newton with "The Future of Law" text

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