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Episode 59: Steven Abrahams, Partnerships for Microsoft Teams

When COVID-19 hit, Microsoft Teams suddenly became an even more important tool for all kinds of organizations—including law firms. Steven Abrahams works on Partnerships…

Episode 59 Steven Abrahams

Episode 57: John Grant, The Agile Attorney, and Simon Boehme, Legal Tech Entrepreneur

Any discussion of the technological tools that legal professionals and clients are increasingly using—especially during the coronavirus crisis—starts with Zoom. The video conferencing app…

Episode 57 John Grant Simon Boehme

Legal Analytics: Definition, Tools, and Applications

To help you better understand legal analytics, we’ll unpack what it is, how it can be used, what tools to use, and whether your…

Article 5 minutes well spent
legal analytics

Reopening Your Law Office Safely

Read this post from Joshua Lenon for tips and considerations for reopening your law office safely.

Article 8 minutes well spent
open sign

Electronic Signatures for Lawyers: A Guide

Learn all about how electronic signatures work for lawyers—including when to use them, what to consider, and what tools to use.

Article 6 minutes well spent
electronic signatures for lawyers

Video Conferencing for Lawyers: How to Video Conference Like a Pro

Learn how to video conference as a lawyer, including what tools to use and tips on how to put your best foot forward during…

Article 10 minutes well spent
video conferencing for lawyers

The Best Legal Podcasts for Improving Your Law Firm

Read this blog post for the best legal podcasts to listen to in 2022, to stay up-to-date on industry trends and get great ideas…

Article 12 minutes well spent
best legal podcasts

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