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Build Your Own Virtual Law Firm

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Collaborative business development for mid-size and large law firms

Learn from industry experts on how to structure your firm in a way that promotes collaboration, a better client experience, and overall firm growth.

Clio Resource

Business Development Strategies for Law Firms

Is your law firm’s business development lacking? Whether too focused on looming deadlines or uncertain of the best development approach for their area of…

Clio Resource

ACBA 2021 Installation (Virtual)

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Clio Resource

Innovate Legal Online: Resilience and Energy: How to Develop Your Inner Game

Learn how to stay focused in times of high stress and uncertainty.

Virtual Clio Meetups

Innovate Legal Online: How to Build a Winning Marketing Strategy for Your Firm

Learn where to focus your promotional efforts to meaningfully connect with more clients.

Virtual Clio Meetups

Innovate Legal Online: Exploring Clio's Newest Features and Integrations

Join a panel of Clio product experts to learn more about what's new in Clio—and how your firm can make the most of the…

Virtual Clio Meetups

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