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  • Jubilee Notices

    Jubilee Notices is a complete Court Notice Email Management System that helps save your law firm valuable time and costs by…

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  • lawcloud_logo


    A beautiful, easy to use way to automate your law firm's documents. With Clio and LawCloud you can automate your…

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    Build custom client intakes and document automations in minutes with Whether your firm wants to streamline internal drafting or…

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  • Fidu – Client Document Portal

    Fidu is a modern client-facing document, e-signature, and information portal for law firms to provide to their clients, to create,…

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  • Formstack Documents

    Formstack Documents is a seamless document generator that puts an end to manual data entry by allowing users to automatically…

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  • ElderDocx

    ElderDocx is the signature document-drafting system produced by ElderCounsel, a membership organization providing Elder Law and Special Needs attorneys with…

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  • Mass Document Automation

    Mass Document Automation allows you to mass produce any number of documents for any number of clients and matters all…

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  • Lawyaw

    Lawyaw is an easy-to-use document automation and electronic signature platform designed for legal service professionals. Lawyaw is Mac & PC…

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  • WealthCounsel

    WealthCounsel is a membership-based organization providing estate and business planning attorneys with industry-leading legal document drafting software, continued professional learning…

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  • Bundledocs Clio Integration


    Take a load of documents directly from Clio or from anywhere. Bundledocs organizes them into a neat, numbered, sectioned booklet…

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