Greater speed and control over evidence gathering.
Available in the United States
Starting at $10 per client per month USD

Key benefits for your firm

  • Faster evidence and greater control over your Law Firm

    Kawaconn’s tailored automation and integration capabilities alleviate the unnecessary stress that your law firm experiences when managing evidence gathering for personal injury and class action matters. Our customisable modules ensure our solution meets your firms’ unique requirements, which greatly improves work efficiency and reduces business costs.
  • Integrates seamlessly into your workflow and is easy for your team to adopt

    Our software has been designed to prioritise simplicity without compromising on the robust features essential for effective and efficient legal management. Kawaconn’s intuitive User Interface ensures easy navigation through the system, resulting in a minimal learning curve for legal professionals who will be guided through an initial period of demonstration with our client solutions team.
  • The scalability you need to grow your Law Firm

    Integrated with your PMS and E-mail provider, Kawaconn Law Connect becomes the hub of communication for task management, workflow and client engagement. This enables you to engage directly with Medico Legal providers, Medical Specialists and Medical Clinics.

How Kawaconn works with Clio

  • Using an integrated solution with Clio Manage and Kawaconn for personal injury claims, law firms can generate and manage evidence gathering processes seamlessly including medical record retrieval, independent medical assessments and motor vehicle accidents.

    An integration with Kawaconn syncs the data from a Clio Matter  to Kawaconn,  enabling the data gathered from Clio to be used in one of Kawaconn’s subsequent evidence gathering Modules, i.e Retrieve or Assess. Once the evidence has been gathered through Kawaconn, it is automatically updated in the respective Clio Matter. This greatly reduces the manual data entries your staff need to make and saves between 2-4 hours of staff time for every evidence gathering process.

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