• Clio Grow

    Organize your client intake process

    Save you and your firm time while delivering the best client experience with a reliable system for intaking new clients.

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Attract and win new clients

  • Online Presence Website Builder

    Build your online presence with a professional website

    With 96% of potential clients using a search engine to find legal advice, bring your online presence to life by creating a professional, optimized website right from Clio Grow that comes with everything you need to make a great first impression.

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  • Google LSA Search

    Show up on Google Search results

    Google’s Local Services Ads for Clio helps law firms attract highly-qualified leads by appearing when clients in your area are searching for the legal services you offer.

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  • Website Builder_NA_EMEA_Clio Grow Website Builder and Scheduler

    Make it easy to book and pay for consultations

    Avoid the back-and-forth of scheduling and rescheduling meetings. Prospective clients can choose a time based on your availability, right from your website or email, and receive automated text reminders so they don’t miss a meeting. See how it works.

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Automate your most tedious client intake tasks

  • Client Intake

    Collect accurate information with online intake forms

    Save time and avoid errors by sharing custom intake forms on your website, email, or text. Information is captured right into Clio Grow and syncs directly to Clio Manage when leads are converted to clients.

  • Document management

    Save hours drafting documents

    Instantly generate documents such as engagement letters and retainers from customizable templates. Then autofill them with client information you’ve collected through intake forms.

  • e-sign

    Securely send documents for e-signature

    No more mailing, faxing, or extra trips to your office. Give clients a secure way to sign and return documents from any device, and spend less time waiting.

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Manage incoming clients in one organized system

Know the status of every new client and how to grow your business from one platform.

  • Matter Pipeline Animation

    Track progression through your intake stages

    Organize, manage, and track the progression of your potential new clients through your intake stages from one dashboard and save hours in client management. Watch how.

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  • Clio Grow Client Intake Workflow Builder

    Deliver a consistent client intake experience with automation

    Improve your conversion rate with an efficient intake process where each step is automated. Next steps progress without delays so clients are kept engaged, with no extra effort required from you or your team.

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  • Clio Grow Insights Top Lead Sources Animation

    Identify the best channels for new business

    See where new clients are learning about your firm to know where you’re seeing the most results. Identify who your high-value clients are and what you can optimize to bring in more revenue. See it in action.

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See how you can organize your intake process with Clio Grow

Available to Clio Manage customers or as part of the Clio Complete plan.

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