Legal Client Letter Template: Structuring and Writing

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What is a legal client letter?

According to the ABA, lawyers often write two types of letters to clients: an engagement letter and a non-engagement letter. Regardless of which format you use the most, writing a letter to follow up with a client post-meeting is likely a regular part of your job. And a legal client letter template can help you cut down on the time it would otherwise take. 

The importance of a legal client letter template

When you’re a busy legal professional, utilizing templates not only offers significant time-saving benefits right away, it also standardizes critical processes and removes the risk of mistakes down the road. And, as a solo attorney or firm owner, it’s on you to ensure every client gets the same, gold-star treatment. A legal client letter template can support you in all of the above. 

What should be included in a legal client letter template?

Most letters will contain similar information, or at the very least, be formatted similarly. But it’s likely that your practice area and client demographic will determine what unique details to include in your letter. For example, if you often serve bilingual clients, you might have one legal client letter template prepared in English and one in Spanish. 

While your audience might vary depending on your clients, there are some key components almost every legal client letter should include. Below are some common pieces to include in your legal client letter template:   

  • Date and address:  This part is straightforward but important. Be sure to include your firm’s name, address, the date the letter was sent, as well as the recipient’s address. 
  • Heading: This should include who the parties are and provide the case details. 
  • Introduction: You may choose to refer to a previous letter, document, or event. Perhaps a previous client email or meeting.  
  • Purpose: This section will explain what either party requests or owes. 
  • Signature: Be sure to include your full name and a signature. 

Legal client letter template

To help you out, we have put together a legal client letter template, below. You can download it and you can use as a starting point.

Just remember—a legal memo template is just an ideal starting point. Use it as a guide, but be sure to make it your own.

Letter to client appearance downloadable sample

More legal client letter examples

How do I introduce a legal client letter template at my firm?  

When introducing a legal client letter template at your firm, ensure it’s as accessible as possible. The easier it is for your team to locate, the more likely they will use it. Additionally,  it’s always a good idea to present any new process as a way for your staff to save time. And a legal client letter template is no different. 

Below are four tips for best practices when it comes to introducing templates at your firm:  

  1. Ensure everyone on your team knows where the templates are stored. You can do this by sending a link to your team with the template’s location, as well as a best-practices document, so they know how to modify the template if needed. 
  2. Regularly check in with your team and inquire about the process. Are there opportunities for the current template to be enhanced? If your staff coordinates your client communication, ask your staff about the process. Clients’ needs change over time, and your team will have valuable insight into these changes by way of their communication. 
  3. Use the feedback provided by your staff and team to enhance the template.
  4. Consider investing in legal CRM software, which allows you to create reusable templates for essential documents that must be generated and/or signed during the intake process. 

Beyond the template: Don’t forget to hone your writing skills

Even the best legal client letter template is simply a guide to follow. It’s up to you to use your legal writing skills to bring the letter to life. And as a legal professional, it’s important to continuously enhance your legal writing skills. Unfortunately, there’s no quick and easy way to become a masterful writer. The best way to improve is by practicing. The good news is, by using the letter samples above to create your own template(s), you’ll hopefully give yourself more time to practice.  

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Final thoughts on client letter templates 

It’s no secret, introducing any kind of change takes time and patience. Though, when utilizing templates, it’s well worth the upfront time investment. By leveraging a legal client letter template at your firm, you can save yourself (and your team) time—and provide your clients with a standardized, client-centered experience.

Looking for more legal document templates? Be sure to take a look at our legal template hub.

Written by: Madison Arrotta
Last updated: May 24, 2024

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