Every Lawyer Needs these 4 Law Firm Email Templates

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Not only can law firms save time by using email templates, but they can also help standardize your email processes to create a consistent, elevated brand for your law firm. 

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Ready to learn more? Below, we’ll introduce you to email templates and some examples of great law firm email templates for every situation. 

What is an email template? 

An email template is a pre-written document that can serve as a base for emails. Rather than writing a new email, you can customize your email (such as adding specific client information, or removing irrelevant sections) and cut down on the time spent on writing. 

Beyond saving countless hours, email templates can be great for maintaining consistent messaging—for example, ensuring that new clients are getting the same information about your law firm in welcome emails. 

What’s more, law firm email templates make writing emails a breeze—and, if a law firm has standardized email templates, it makes it easier to delegate email-writing tasks to other members of your law firm. 

Be sure to check out more resources in our legal templates hub.

4 law firm email templates every lawyer needs 

Making the most of law firm email templates involves organization—you’ll want to create email templates for specific kinds of emails that your law firm sends out regularly. Below, we’ve provided types of email templates that every law firm can benefit from. 

1. Marketing email template

Law firm marketing emails can take many forms. You might send out law firm blog updates, advertise recent successes or awards, or share more information about your services. 

While a law firm marketing email doesn’t necessarily have to involve splashy design, we love this law firm email template for marketing your firm’s services. It provides all the information prospective clients need to know about you and your firm (including your contact details, services provided, and a handy “Request a Call” button) in an attractive design.

2. Welcome email template  

At the end of the day, firms need to get clients through the door to keep the lights on. And, in a competitive legal market, wowing prospective clients—and getting them to book an appointment—takes effort. 

Creating welcome email templates can help firms impress prospective clients with minimal work. 

A welcome email template can take many forms depending on your firm’s needs—for instance, it could be a reminder email to book a consultation or an email providing more information about the services your firm offers. 

This welcome email template is a great option. It provides all of the information a prospective client needs to evaluate your law firm—including practice areas, lawyers, and a testimonial to help draw the reader in.  

If you’re unsure about including a testimonial in your welcome email template, don’t be! According to the 2022 Legal Trends Report (and previous iterations of this study), positive reviews were cited as the top factor clients consider when deciding whether to hire a law firm. 

Including testimonials in your welcome email takes a little extra work off of your prospective clients’ plates while cementing your reputation as a trusted provider of legal services. 

3. Invoice email template 

There’s no question that a clear, simple email invoice template will help you get paid faster. After all, if clients have all the information they need to understand the charges and make a payment, they’re much more likely to pay their bills on time. 

Wave offers many different legal invoice templates that can be downloaded in different file formats, meaning you’re sure to find a template that suits your firm’s needs. For example, there are templates targeted to particular practice areas (like family law or victim’s compensation), invoices for retainers, and general legal invoice templates. 

4. Generic email template 

In some cases, a law firm email template might be useful for simple, back-and-forth email communications that you regularly have with clients. 

For example, maybe you want to use an attractive design for each of your emails. Or, maybe you find yourself sending the same kind of emails regularly and want to have a useful template to cut down on writing time. 

This lawyer email template provides a simple, attractive design to use for your law firm emails, ensuring that even the simplest of emails leave an impression on clients. 

Go one step further: leverage legal practice management software for email campaigns 

Cutting down on the time spent writing emails is great—but legal practice management software can make your firm even more efficient. Harnessing the power of email campaigns can help further cut down on your administrative work by doing the heavy lifting for you. 


With Clio Grow, you can use templates to streamline your email campaigns and schedule emails to send automatically to your clients! You can choose which email templates to add to an email campaign, and then send those emails out to clients at predetermined intervals. 

Whether you’re reaching out to existing clients or following up with prospective clients, Clio Grow makes it easy to stay in touch and win over clients. 

What’s more—with Clio, you can work with over 200 integration partners (including Gmail, Outlook, and MailChimp) to seamlessly integrate your Clio experience with your email provider. 

Final thoughts on law firm email templates 

Using law firm email templates is a surefire way to save time while elevating your firm’s brand and email presence. And, by harnessing the power of email campaigns in your legal practice management software, you can further streamline the process. 

Additionally, law firm email templates and email campaigns are a savvy online marketing tool for law firms. To learn more about key law firm marketing strategies, watch our recorded webinar on Online Marketing Strategies to Attract Clients

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