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Beyond the Billable Hour: How Alternative & Contingency Fees Are Changing

Law firms working for businesses are finding themselves dealing with at least 7 new types of fees – from blended rates and conditional fees…

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How to bill an extra 8 hours every week

The average lawyer only bills 28% of an eight-hour workday. That's according to data looking at aggregate and anonymized data from 40,000 firms using…

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The Ethics of Law Firms Accepting Credit Cards

Do lawyers take credit cards? Lawyer in residence Joshua Lenon takes a deep dive into ethics opinions surrounding credit cards and what to do.

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Episode 92: Jon Tobin, Partner at Counsel for Creators LLP

Jon Tobin’s law firm, Counsel for Creators LLP, bills itself as the first law firm to develop subscription services tailored to the needs of…

Episode 92 Jonathan Tobin

Your Guide to Law Firm Pricing: How to Price Legal Services

The right law firm pricing can get you more legal clients and make you more profitable. Read everything you need to know about setting…

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Who Should Shoulder Pricing Risk, Lawyers or Clients?

To explore the issue of pricing risk for law firms, we spoke with Ed Walters, CEO of Fastcase, at the 2019 Clio Cloud Conference.…

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Episode 60: Tom West, CEO at LawPay

In this episode Tom West, CEO at LawPay, talks about the rise of electronic payments in legal.

Episode 60 Tom West

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