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Practice42’s Client Maintenance Plan Practice Area System Conference

Join our Clio Certified Consultant, Practice42, for a 2-day virtual conference.

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How Ledger Square Law Said “No” to $50,000 in Offsite Document Storage

Jason Whalen’s previous firm spent over $50,000 on offsite document storage—and still struggled with clutter. With Clio, he knew he could do it differently.

Ledger Square Law

Harvey AI: What We Know So Far

Harvey AI is poised to disrupt the legal industry with groundbreaking legal capabilities. Read this blog post to learn what you need to know…

Article 4 minutes well spent
Legaltech News

Becoming an Accounting Lawyer: A Guide for Legal Professionals

Becoming an accounting lawyer is a great way to set your legal services apart, particularly if you practice in certain areas.

Article 6 minutes well spent
Courthouse with column made out of coins

AI for Law Firms: How It’s Reshaping Legal and Why You Should Care

Watch this replay to learn everything you need to know about AI’s impact on the legal industry—and leveraging it at your firm.

Clio Resource

22 Personal Injury Lawyer Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Firm

Personal injury lawyer marketing is easy if you follow the right steps. Read this blog post for our top tips on making your personal…

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Celebrating Clio’s 15th Anniversary

We’re celebrating 15 years of Clio! Join us in reflecting on the milestones we achieved over the years.

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