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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Do Legal Research

Improve your legal research skills with this blog post on how to conduct great legal research.

Article 9 minutes well spent
Clio Resource

The Ethics of Law Firms Accepting Credit Cards

Do lawyers take credit cards? Lawyer in residence Joshua Lenon takes a deep dive into ethics opinions surrounding credit cards and what to do.

Article 13 minutes well spent
front and back of a credit card illustrated

A Guide to Document Automation for Lawyers

Saving time and staying organized is critical for law firms. Learn how you can overcome tedious, routine paperwork as a lawyer by reading this…

Article 11 minutes well spent
Document Automation for Lawyers

Episode 97: Mark Holthe, Founder and Chief Inspirational Officer at Holthe Immigration Law

When Mark Holthe made the decision to start a virtual immigration firm, he knew he needed to do things differently.

Episode 97 Mark Holthe

Episode 95: Billie Tarascio, Owner and Founder of Modern Law, Modern Law Practice, and Access Legal

With her law firm and legal businesses, Billie Tarascio is driving positive change in the legal industry around Access to Justice.

Billie Tarascio podcast

Law Firm Strategic Planning: A Guide

Steer your law firm in the right direction. Read this blog post to find out how to create a winning strategic plan to help…

Article 11 minutes well spent
law firm strategic planning

Episode 92: Jon Tobin, Partner at Counsel for Creators LLP

Jon Tobin’s law firm, Counsel for Creators LLP, bills itself as the first law firm to develop subscription services tailored to the needs of…

Episode 92 Jonathan Tobin

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