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Private Law Practice (and What to Know About Starting Your Own)

Thinking about starting your own private law practice? Learn more about what private practice looks like along with helpful tips for starting your own…

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The Power of Clio—‘The Work of 20 People, But All Done By Me’

Danelle Harvey-Jacob, ESQ, LLM, is a seasoned entrepreneur with experience setting up successful businesses with a $0 budget.

Harvey-Jacob Law

First Year Lawyer Salaries: A 2023 Guide

First year lawyer salaries can vary depending on a number of factors—read this blog post to learn more about the factors that contribute to…

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Graduation caps and dollar bills indicating first year lawyer salary

Why Being a Lawyer Is Stressful & 7 Tips to Manage Lawyer Stress

Why is being a lawyer stressful? While you can’t avoid it entirely, how can you manage it to avoid insomnia, burnout, and anxiety? Learn…

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A New Approach to Legal Cyber Security: How to Protect Your Firm Against Rising Threats

Watch this webinar to gain the knowledge and tools you need to protect your law firm from cybersecurity threats.

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How to Set and Honor Boundaries

Watch this session to learn how to avoid lawyer burnout, set boundaries, and regain control of your life.

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Becoming an Accounting Lawyer: A Guide for Legal Professionals

Becoming an accounting lawyer is a great way to set your legal services apart, particularly if you practice in certain areas.

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