How Clio Modernized the Raimondo Law Firm’s Personal Injury Practice for Speed, Efficiency, and Better Organization

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Raimondo Law Firm

  • 1990

    Year Founded
  • 6-10

    Number of Staff
  • 2022

    Started Using Clio
  • Lake Grove, New York, USA

  • Contingency

    Fee Types
  • Personal Injury

    Practice Areas

Clio transformed Raimondo Law Firm into a digital-first law firm

Michael A Raimondo is an attorney at Raimondo Law Firm, a firm dedicated to providing hands-on services for personal injury. Michael is the newest attorney on the team, and used his experiences to guide a modernization of the firm.

While many firms regularly work from printed documents and standard computer files, this method makes it difficult to keep track of files and deadlines. Michael and his team set out to create the best system for the firm’s efficiency and growth.

“We were still doing things strictly with paper files. That wasn’t working for me, so I spearheaded the initiative to try and start looking for new legal software.”

How Michael improved his firm’s organization, efficiency, and client service with Clio

1. An easy transition for everyone

Mr. Raimondo and the Raimondo Law Firm have attorneys and staff with a broad range of experience in working with different forms of technology. Clio provided a clean, easy interface that was easy for everyone to understand, and offered the team a way to quickly find key case information.

Clio Drive in particular allowed members of his team to work with files in Clio directly on their desktop, which offered a familiar way to store, access, and edit documents. “For our staff who were used to our old file system, Clio Drive created an easy transition for them.”

“I really like the interface of Clio. It’s easy to use and easy to learn. Some of the other softwares we looked at were like excel spreadsheets, and we couldn’t figure out where anything was. With Clio, many of the mundane tasks have been expedited, and it’s definitely sped up our caseload. It makes everything easier for us.”

2. Enabling remote work

Before Covid-19, The Raimondo Law Firm used desktop computers at the firm office. All of the firm’s data was stored on local hard drives or in paper files.

Since then, everyone has transitioned to laptops, which offer the ability to work from home more easily—and Clio gives them the ability to keep all of their firm’s data centralized, so that everyone can access it from wherever they are.

“The mobile app is great because I can see when a client texts me photos, and I can upload them right to the file from my phone.”

3. The ability to find anything—fast

Clio makes it incredibly easy for everyone at The Raimondo Law Firm to find what they need. Mr. Raimondo can quickly pull up what he’s looking for—and even have multiple files open across multiple screens and tabs without having to print anything out.

“We deal with a lot of medical records and other files when negotiating settlements. When an adjuster or another attorney references something, rather than flipping through a paper file to try and pull that document, I can just go into Clio and know right where it is. I can pull it up and talk about the document pretty seamlessly.”

4. Coordinating firm intake with Clio Grow

The Raimondo Law Firm uses Clio Grow, which has allowed them to centralize information on potential clients. This means that anyone at the firm can quickly see where a potential client is at, and what the next steps are for taking them on as a client. In the eyes of potential clients, they get the sense that everyone at The Raimondo Law Firm is up to speed and ready to help on their particular legal issue.

“Clio Grow has helped us keep track of calls. Without it, they would be tracked on a piece of paper somewhere. Sometimes, we’ll get a call, and we’ll want to investigate it, and if that person calls again and if someone picks up, they won’t know that someone already spoke with them. With Clio Grow, now we know that this person has called before, and that we didn’t sign them up for a particular reason, or that we are going to sign them up, and here’s why.”

5. Seamless integration with email and calendars

Mr Raimondo looked at other software that only offered integrations with Outlook and not Gmail. Since his firm uses Google’s business apps, Clio has made it incredibly easy for him to sync his calendars and email to Clio.

“The fact that Clio’s calendar syncs with Google Calendar means I don’t have to input everything into Clio. It’s all there automatically.”

“I can always see if I’ve sent or received an email about a case and quickly go reference it in Clio.”

6. Automating document creation

Clio’s document automation makes it easy for Mr. Raimondo and his team to draft letters and motions, and automatically inputs key criteria like names and gender. “We definitely couldn’t live without Clio’s document templates. We love it.”

“We generate a summary of the case when we’re ready to start negotiating before going to trial. I created a template that allows me to pull that up and it inputs all of the basic information. Then all I have to do is go through the medical records or documents and fill in the important case information.”

Future growth for The Raimondo Law Firm

Mr. Raimondo and his team are looking to steadily grow their firm and are in the process of taking on new, more complex cases. To do that, with Clio he feels well-equipped to operate with the organization, speed, and efficiency needed to handle these types of cases.

“We definitely want to grow, and we’re in the process of taking on some new, larger cases. You need the infrastructure for that. You wouldn’t be able to do those cases with simple paper files, or by working from a desktop. You need everything centralized. You need to be able to speed things up. When you have ten clients for a single case, you can have them all tracked together.”

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