Innovate Legal Online Meetup

Cloud Software: The Key to Staff Success and Satisfaction

Today’s legal professionals value work-life balance and flexibility. Cloud-based solutions give them that—and more.

Duration: 60 minutes

Learn how cloud software increases employee satisfaction and reduces turnover at firms.

According to the 2022 Legal Trends Report, legal professionals that use cloud-based software are 29% more likely to be happy with their professional life than those who don’t.

It’s not surprising—cloud-based solutions offer the flexibility to work from anywhere, simplify day-to-day tasks, and give everyone more time to work on what matters.

In this session of the Applying Learnings From the Legal Trends Report at Your Firm series, you’ll hear how to use cloud technology to foster working environments that attract and retain high quality staff. Join the session to learn:

  • How cloud-based technology has created more efficiency to cultivate healthy work-life balance
  • What tools enable better collaboration and communication (no matter where you are)
  • What lawyers are seeking at firms–and how tech has helped reduce turnover
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Angela Lennon


Koenig|Dunne, PC, LLO

Angela Lennon is a partner at Koenig|Dunne, PC, LLO, the largest divorce law firm in Nebraska. Angela focuses her practice on divorce and collaborative divorce.  She is a leader of the Nebraska Collaborative Divorce Professionals organization, a member of the Nebraska Bar Association, and is on the Executive Council for the Omaha Bar Association.

Angela earned her Bachelor’s degree from Vassar College and her juris doctor from Creighton University School of Law.   She was a contributing author of Divorce in Nebraska: The Legal Process, Your Rights, and What to Expect, published in 2013.  Angela has also spoken and written on the topic of the legal profession embracing technology to increase access to justice. She is the author of “Step-by-Step Guidance: Empowering Pro Se Litigants Through Technology,” published in the Nebraska Lawyer Magazine and she has been featured on the Omaha Bar Association’s “Bar Talk” podcast discussing Untie Online.

In December 2019, Angela Lennon and her team launched Untie Online, a Koenig|Dunne Divorce Service to expand access to the justice system in Nebraska. Untie Online is an affordable online divorce service that provides divorcing spouses step-by-step guidance, personalized and customized legal documents, and attorney support.

Michaela Seidl

Certified Paralegal

Koenig|Dunne, PC, LLO

Michaela’s professional experience gives her a depth of competence. At 21 she began to work in the legal field, gaining knowledge about real estate and finance. Those early years gave Michaela the solid foundation she needed when the focus of her legal field became divorce, years later our clients reap the benefits. She loves to bring her ideas about how the latest and greatest in technology can help her firm serve their clients even better.

Alay Yajnik

Business Coach

Law Firm Success Group

Alay Yajnik wrote the first book on hiring best practices for law firms: Staffing Up: The Attorney’s Guide to Hiring Top Talent. Alay has run a $100MM business and built a $5MM business from the ground up. He has worked with dozens of small law firm owners across the country to make more money, work fewer hours, and spend more time doing the things they love. With an MBA in Finance and Marketing and over 25 years of experience running professional service organizations, Alay is highly regarded by owners and partners of small law firms. As a law firm growth expert, Alay is the founder of Law Firm Success Group where he teaches the owners of small law firms to increase their income and take more time off by incorporating business best practices into their law firms.

Andrew Cardy

Research Writer


Andrew Cardy is a Research Writer at Clio, working on the Legal Trends Report portfolio. He has a background in technology, market, and historical research.