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Protect Your Law Practice: A Guide to Lawyer Insurance

How are you protecting your firm? Learn more about the lawyer insurance policies your firm might need.

Article 9 minutes well spent
A graphic depicting a lawyer being metaphorically protected by insurance

What Is a Legal Assistant? Their Role and How It Helps Lawyers

What is a legal assistant? Read on to learn more about how lawyers can benefit from working with legal assistants—from research to drafting contracts.

Article 11 minutes well spent
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How to Get More Out of Cloud Technology at Your Law Firm

Join this free webinar to learn how to make the most of your law firm’s cloud services—while staying secure.

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4 Steps to Launching Legal Records Management at Your Firm

In just four steps you can launch digital legal records management at your firm.

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A graphic showing legal records being balanced

A Guide to Law Firm Partnership Structures

Is your goal to become a partner? Learn about the most common law firm partnership structures, so you’ll be better equipped to step up…

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How to Buy a Law Practice—6 Tips for Success

Contemplating buying a law practice? There's a lot to consider. Thankfully, we created this blog to support those looking to buy their first firm.

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See How Clio Benefits Everyone at a 100-Person Law Firm

Read this case study to learn how Clio makes work easier and more efficient for every member of King Law.

See How a 60-Person Law Firm Saves Time + Increases Revenue with Clio King Law wanted new software to run their firm better. Clio made a giant difference.

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