Live Webinar

From Admin to Attorney: See How Every Role at This Mid-size Firm Uses Clio

Learn how to streamline your firm’s workflows with Clio


Struggling to get the staff at your firm to leverage legal software? Here’s how Medina McKelvey did it.

Clio is more than just a tool for attorneys. Our legal software helps simplify the day-to-day for every staff member and is transforming how legal teams communicate, operate, and grow.

But don’t take our word for it—in this webinar, you’ll hear directly from the staff at Medina McKelvey, a mid-sized firm that’s been using Clio to streamline their processes.

Watch this recording to learn:

  • How a Managing Partner uses data in Clio to evaluate firm performance metrics and financials.
  • How a Docketing Specialist uses customs lists and Court Rules to eliminate manual, repetitive tasks
  • How the Accounting department uses Clio’s billing and payment functionality to improve collections
  • How a technology evangelist keeps pushing the boundaries of how staff members works

Duration: 60 minutes

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Carol Kuo

Customer Success Manager


Carol Kuo is a Customer Success Manager at Clio. Before joining the world of legal tech, she managed email marketing campaigns for Hospital Home Lotteries and Real Estate companies. She is passionate about building relationships with her clients and helping them maximize their use of technology to enable them for success!

Brandon McKelvey

Law Firm Owner & Mediator

Medina McKelvey LLP

Brandon is one of the co-founding partners and the CEO of Medina McKelvey LLP, a full-service employment defense firm.  He is also the co-founder of California Compliance Solutions, which provides legal compliance training for employers and employees.  With over 20 years of experience in employment law, Brandon has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in over 500 cases, successfully settling 90% of his cases without formal discovery or motion practice. With his unique experience as both a California business owner and a litigator, Brandon recently launched McKelvey Resolution, a mediation service resolving workplace litigation.

Jacob Stacy

Data & Reporting Analyst

Medina McKelvey LLP

Jacob Stacy is the Data & Reporting Analyst at Medina McKelvey LLP. Outside of leveraging data to help inform business decisions, Jacob oversees process development for new technologies the firm adopts. As Medina McKelvey’s Clio Administrator, Jacob has been involved in every step of the firm’s implementation and continued use of the software.

Celia Bernal

Docketing Specialist & Attorney at Law

Medina McKelvey LLP

During her 31 years of legal practice, Celia has garnered experience across multiple areas of law, with a focus on civil litigation. Celia regularly provides consultation services regarding firm management software, with a concentration on calendaring and docketing support. Mrs. Bernal is recognized as a pioneer in digital docketing, as she helped developed the foundation of a prominent docketing software in California.

Thomas Martin

Accounting Clerk

Medina McKelvey LLP

Thomas is Medina McKelvey’s accounting clerk experienced in managing all aspects of accounts receivable, including billing, collections, and account reconciliation. He has a strong understanding of accounting principles, excellent communication skills, and a drive to improve cash flow and reduce DSO. Thomas takes full advantage of integrations between Clio and apps such as QuickBooks and Microsoft Office to streamline all aspects of legal billing and collections.